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Automobile & Compressor


Air Compressor



Single Stage Compressor

Single stage air compressor is used to create low pressure compressed air for various industrial applications like powder coating, Dyes and intermediate, textile, Pharmaceuticals and chemicals etc. This type of air compressor is quite efficient where it needs compressed air pressure up-to 100 PSIG. Bhavya Machine Tools offers various models of single stage compressor.



Two Stage Compressor

Two stage compressor is a high end compressor that generates the compressed air pressure from 150 PSIG to 175 PSIG. We offer two stage high pressure air compressor for capacity ranging from 3HP to 20HP.  Our two stage air compressors are widely used in pneumatic applications, tablet machine, capsule manufacturing machine, automobile and engineering workshops etc.



Vertical Air Compressor

Vertical air compressor is a compact unit to generate low cost high volume air and is used in the industries where big volume air is needed like textile, paper, gas, electronics, chemicals etc. The unit is compact, reliable, energy saver, economical and eco-friendly. We offer vertical air compressors in capacities ranging from 2HP to 30HP.



Multi Stage Air Compressor

Multi stage air compressor is the equipment used to create high pressure compressed air from 500 to 1000 PSIG that is required in PET industries, air blast industry, circuit breaking, laboratory testing etc., The high performance and long durability of the machine is achieved through increased oil capacity, reservoir of oil lubrication for long lasting execution and centrifugal unloader to prevent under load starting of the machine.



Dry Vacuum Pump

Dry vacuum pump is available in single and double stage formation. The machine is used for vacuum forming, food processing, paper handling, liquid transfer, chemical industries, hospital and many more such industrial applications where it needs vacuum up to 29.0Hg to 29.06Hg.  We offer dry vacuum pump in capacities ranging from 1.5HP to 10HP.




We offer various air compressor accessories are used in formation of air compressors. Automatic drain valve is used to remove condensate automatically from air system. Refrigerated air drier is used to dry compressed air based on cooling of the compressed air principal. Moisture separator is used to remove moisture from compressed air and also effectively stop entering dust, dirt and water into the pneumatic system. Activated carbon filters containing the activated carbon granules that effectively absorb oil, oil vapour and any moisture particle from the compressed air. Heatless air drier is used to dry the compressed air by absorbing the moisture on its surface. After cooler reduce the temperature of compressed air by passing cooling water through the sell in turbulent flow, which disperse the heat from compressed air and low down the air temperature.


Boring & Honing Machine



Boring & Honing Machine

Boring & honing machine is used for internal and external abrasive machining work like hole in castings, cylinders, dies along with the accurate and smooth surfacing on the work piece with versatility. We offer various types of block boring & honing machine including cylinder block boring machine, block boring machine, honing machine with latest technological advancing features that gives accurate precision work and best performance productivity.


Car Washer & Grease Pumps



Grease Pumps

Grease pump is used to supply Grease to various locations and parts of the machine. The amount of flowing Grease is controlled through the Grease pump. Bhavya Machine Tools offers two types of Grease pumps – hand operated Grease pump with 3 models having subsequent drum capacity of 5kg, 10kg and 20kg. Pneumatic Grease pump is available in 2 models with enhanced drum capacity of 25kg and 50kg in respective models.



Car Washer

Car washer is a tool to clean the internal and external parts of vehicles. The machine is perfectly engineered, corrosive resistant and manufactured for consistent high performance. As a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of car washer, we provide three different standard models of car washer with different piston and power capacity. Even we offer car washers as per the custom specifications also.


Crankshaft Grinding Machine



Crankshaft Grinding Machine

Crankshaft grinding machine is also known as Crankshaft grinder and is used in cylindrical grinding, grinding work for crank journal of tractor, auto and repairing of diesel engine. The machine is well equipped with safety measures of interlocking structure for electrical with working table and wheel slide that comes with protection cover.  We offer different models as per customer requirements


Vertical Fine Boring & Facing



Vertical Fine Boring & Facing

Vertical fine boring & facing machine is offered based on working capacity, speed and different features like working table size, maximum Milling length and width, table traverse, motor etc., availability in machines. The machine is used for close grain cast iron casting and other industrial applications. We offer the machine with quality parts for easy and smooth functioning and productivity.


Grinding cum Milling Machine



Grinding cum Milling Machine

Grinding cum milling machine is used in surface grinding and milling operations. This machine is highly used in automotive, engineering, electrical and other industrial applications. High accuracy, greater flexibility, vibration free noiseless execution, long durability, easy to operate and low maintenance are some of the exclusive features offered by the machines provided from Bhavya Machine Tools.