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Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine - DMTG Imported Lathe

We have been providing with extensive range of workshop tools. Our workshop components are designed by experienced engineers as per the required norms of different engineering and mechanical industries. Lathe Machine is a prominent preference among the available workshop equipments. It remains a suitable option to complete specific set of machining activities. For better performance and more productivity Flat Bed CNC lathe machine stay a foremost choice. We provide three different models of DMTG flat bed CNC lathe in imported CK E series which vary in specifications and performance. Our tools are made of tested higher grade materials thus industries can rely on them for long term application.

CNC Lathe Machine

Standard Accessories :

  • 3 Jaw Hydraulic Chuck
  • Manual Tail Stock
  • Live Center
  • Dead Center
  • Damping Pad (6 Pcs.)
  • Center Sleeve
  • Spanner & Allenkey Set
  • Drive Plate
  • Foundation Bolts, Spanner nut(6 Pcs.)
  • Packing Plate (6 Pcs.)
  • Oil Gun
  • Follow Rest
  • 6 Station Turret

Technical Specifications for Imported Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Particulars /Models - CNC Lathe

CKE6130i CKE6136Z CKE6136i
Max.Swing Over Bed 300mm 360mm 360mm
Width Of Bed 205mm 300mm 300mm
Max.Length Of Workpiece 600mm 750 1000mm 750 1000mm
Max.Swing Over Slide 145mm 180mm 180mm
X Travel / Z Travel 190 / 550mm 205 / 620 - 870 mm 205 / 620 - 870 mm
Spindle Nose A2-5 A2-6/D6 A2-5
Chuck Size 165 mm 200 mm 165 mm
Taper of Spindle Bore M5 M6 M5
Spindle Speed
Frequency Conversation 40-4000 20-650
Steps of Spindle Speed Stepless 2-step Actutor Stepless
Frequency Conversation Motor Power 4.0kw 5.5kw 5.5kw
Rapid Traverse X/Z 4/5m/min 4/5m/min 4/5m/min
Repeatability of Toolpost 0.008mm 0.008mm 0.008mm
Vertical 4-Position Toolpost Changing Time 2.1s 2.4s 2.4s
Horizontal 6-Position Toolpost Changing Time   3.0 3.0
Diameter of Tailstock Quill 42mm 63mm 63mm
Travel / Taper of Tailstock Quill 110mm / M3 130mm / M4 130mm / M4
Net Weight 1000kg 1800 1950kg 1800 1950kg
Overall Dimensions 1790x1520x1450mm 2300x1480x1520mm
Note : As Improvements are made time to time the specifications are subject to change without notice and are not binding on us. Pictures shown with optional accessories.
CNC Lathe Machine

Standard Accessories :

  • Coolant system
  • Working lamp
  • Manual lubricating system
  • GSK Controller system
  • 3 Jaw Chuck

Optional Accessories :

  • Auto lubricating system
  • Siemens / Fanuc Controller
  • Six Station Tool Post
  • Hydraulic / Pneumatic Chuck
Swing over bed 0 320mm
Swing over carriage 0 130mm
Distance between centers 500mm/750mm/ 1000mm
Spindle taper M.T.5
Spindle bore 0 38mm
Range of speed (variable) 100-2500 r/min
Feed motor powerX/Z) 4N.M/6N.M
X rapid traverse 5m / min
Z rapid traverse 10m / min
Max. travel of X axis 160 mm
Max. travel of Z axis 400mm / 650mm / 900mm
Motor power 3Kw
Tool-post 4 stations
Max. tool size 16 x 16mm
Min input unit 0.001mm
repeatability accuracy(X/Y) 0.016mm
Barrel travel of tailstock 150mm
Barrel taper of tailstock M.T.3
Net Weight 500 mm 800 kgs
750 mm 900 kgs
1000 mm 1000kgs
CNC Lathe Machine
Swing over bed 0 360mm
Swing over carriage 0 130mm
Distance between centers 500mm/750mm/ 1000mm
Spindle taper Through Hole
Spindle bore 0 51 mm
Range of speed (variable) 100-2500 r/min
Feed motor powerX/Z) 4N.M/6N.M
X rapid traverse 6 m / min
Z rapid traverse 10 m/min
Max. travel of X axis 170 mm
Max. travel of Z axis 400mm / 650mm / 900mm
Motor power 3Kw
Tool-post 4 stations
Max. tool size 16x16mm
Min input unit 0.001 mm
repeatability accuracy(X/Y) 0.016 mm
Barrel travel of tailstock 130 mm
Barrel taper of tailstock M.T.3
Net Weight 500 mm 1400 kgs
750 mm 1500 kgs
1000 mm 1600 kgs

Accessories decide the specific functionality of any device for instance. Our tools are designed with the following specifications including 3 jaw hydraulic chuck for better power saving option. The manual tail stock, drive plate, center sleeve are some of the important and standard accessories which can be found in all the three models of equipment. Apart from that we provide 6 pieces of damping pad, foundation bolts, spanner nut, packing plate for installation. We provide spanner and allenkey set and oil gun for all the models. The range of models includes the following,


DMTG Flat Bed CNC Lathe Model CKE6130i is provided with swing over bed with a capacity of 300mm and the width of the bed on which the machining work piece would be laid is about 205mm. The maximum length of work material that can be handled with this model is 600mm.  Machining capacity over X and Z axis is about 190/550mm. The spindle speed is the key point in devices as the production capacity is decided based on that and CKE6130i is 40-4000 rotations per minute. This equipment is provisioned with frequency conversion motor which has 4.0kw power capacity. Overall machining dimensions that is possible with this instrument is 1790*1520*1450mm. We consider adding changes to specifications as per the availability of improved features to enhance the performance.


CKE6136Z comes with 300mm width of machining bed and the maximum swing over bed is 360mm which is higher than the above model. The X and Z axis movement is about 205/620-870mm. The chuck size is also bigger than the previous model and it is 200mm. The spindle speed also differs from 20-650 and from 75-2500 rotations per minute. The frequency conversation motor works with 5.5kw. The spindle speed is two steps and it can be controlled easily.


CKE6136i has the same swing over bed capacity of 360mm like that of CKE6136Z and the width of the machining bed also remains similar to that of the above model which is about 300mm. The maximum length of work material that can be machined with this model is 750 to 1000mm. It is a suitable CNC lathe option to carry out machining of bigger work materials.  The machining axis over X travel and Z travel also remains similar to that of CKE6136Z. The spindle speed is slightly faster than other two models and it can rotate about 200-3500 rotations per minute.


Having Swing Over Bed 275mm, Swing Over Cross Slide 200mm, X/Z Servo Motor, 4 Position Electric Tool Post + 2 Gang Type Holder, AUTOGRIP-Taiwan Hydraulic Solid Ø160mm 3-Jaw Chuck, Manual Tail Stock with GSK980 TC3 Controller .

CNC Lathe Machine
CNC Lathe Machine
Square Guide Ways
CNC Lathe Machine
Electric Tool Post
CNC Lathe Machine
Gang Tool Holder
CNC Lathe Machine
Lubrication System
CNC Lathe Machine
Hydraulic Chuck
CNC Lathe Machine
Manual Tail Stock
CNC Lathe Machine
Hydraulic System
Maximum Swing Over Bed Ø 275mm
Maximum Swing Over Solid Ø 200mm
Maximum Swing Over Slide Ø 125mm
Maximum Machining Length with Hydraulic Chuck 270mm
Spindle Type A2-5
Spindle Taper Hole Ø 48mm
Spindle Shift Mode Inverter
Main Motor Power 4 kW
Chuck Type Hydraulic Solid (AUTOGRIP – Taiwan)
Chuck Size Ø 160mm
Rapid Traverse Speed on X-Axis 8m/min.
Rapid Traverse Speed on Y-Axis 10m/min.
Servo Motor Torque on X-Axis 4Nm
Servo Motor Torque on Y-Axis 6Nm
X-Axis Travel 280mm
Y-Axis Travel 390mm
Guide Way Type Hardened Guide Way
Turret Changing Time 90°/1.2Sec, 180°/2.0Sec, 270°/2.8Sec
Turret Type 4-Station Electric Tool Post + 2 Slot Gang Tool Holder
Turning Tool / Boring Bar Size 20 x 20mm / Ø20mm
Tail Stock Sleeve Dia./Travel Ø54mm / 150mm
Tail Stock Sleeve Taper MT-4
Machine Weight 1200Kgs.
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