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Workshop Machines

Drilling Machine

All types of Bhavya brands drilling machines includes pillar type, v-belt driven, all geared radial drill machine, drilling and milling, tapping machines from Manufacturer & Exporter in India.

Pillar Drill Machine



BMT 20-25

BMT-20 & BMT-25 are the instruments with subsequent drilling capacities of 20mm & 25mm. This pillar instruments are manufactured for sturdy awling execution on sheet metals and solid materials. The standard parts of these tools are designed as per the international industrial requirements.



BMT 38-40

4 Models are provided in this category including BMT-38, BMTL-38, BMT-40H and BMT-40A. These tools are varying with pillar diameter and hole capacity from 38mm to 40mm. The mechanical tools are made up of quality material parts for high performance and long durability.



BMT 13-20-20H

High precision pillar boring tools are provided in 2 different hole making capacities of 13mm and 20mm. 20mm Awls are further offered with 75mm pillar diameter and 87mm pillar diameter. The equipment consisting closed grain, arm, work head and gears fabricated and finished on imported grinding machine. The tools are constructed for efficient work on various platforms.



BMT 25-25H, BMTL 25

We offer 3 types of pillar Awl for accurate work in drilling capacity of 25mm. The tool fabricated from alloy steel is used for fastening holes on sheet metals and other solid materials with comprehensive use in precision hole creation.



BMT 38 - BMTL 38

These 2 equipments are used for precision drilling with 38mm boring capacity on 106mm and 121mm pillar diameters. Our tools are reliable, durable and sturdy in economic price range for various workshops and industrial applications.



All Geared Pillar Drilling Machine

This is drilling machine with pillars. This tool is basically used for various kinds of drilling operations in different factories. Our machines are efficient in performing error free drilling as per the needs of the production. Low maintenance, superior quality, affordable price and easy operation are the top features of our products.




The capacity of this drilling machine is 40mm. This is widely used in various factories where efficient and faster drilling operations are required. We deliver the best quality BPSL40-BPRL40 mm drilling machines with easy and flexible operational methods. They come with low maintenance features.




With 25 mm machine capacity we deliver the most efficient and durable drill machine to our clients. These BPRL25-BPS25 machines can be used in various industries where perfect drilling of different items is required. With MT 3 Spindle Nose the machine can offer easy and safe operation. The price is also reasonable.


Radial Drilling Machine



V Belt Driven

The radial arm with drilling head is adjusted on workpiece to set and derive custom boring in most professional way through technological advanced belt driven radial drill. Operative ease, smooth boring, higher finishing, prompt execution, low maintenance, long durability, greater flexibility and defect free machine supply are the best features of V belt driven radial awl.



All Geared

R-40G all geared radial equipment is efficient for drilling holes in solid material. This heavy duty precision awl instrument model is used for 40mm boring in M.S. with 20mm tapping in M.S. The equipment is used for high end applications to create holes for various industries. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of radial Awl, we provide the sturdy equipment for long lasting performance at low cost.



High Precision Radial Drilling Machine

We proudly presents radial drill machine that is known for serving multiple aspects of boring requisites. Our tool is popular among metal and engineering industry for its incomparable quality of boring and long lasting operation. We have special team of instrument designers who perform various analyses while structuring component. Their analysis and studies are based on the various industrial requirements in terms of drilling and make changes to update instrument category in accordance with the production preference.




This is a 25mm Radial Drilling machine which is perfect for educational institutes. The machine has Work Head, Column, Arm, & Gears that are made out of Closed Grain. The Spindle Ram of this BPR-25 machine is made of Alloy Steel that makes it highly durable. The entire item is designed to offer the maximum support for drilling without much effort.




The drilling capacity of this drill machine is 40mm which is perfect for different types of industries. The diameter of the pillar is 170mm so that it can offer the perfect support while the machine is in the operational mode. The cost of the item is not very high for the general buyers.


Drilling and Milling Machine



Drilling and Milling Machine

We offer a wide array of Drilling and Milling Machines as per the requirement of various industries. All our Drilling and Milling Machines are highly durable and extremely affordable. They have the best body parts that are ready to work faster than the other machines.


Drilling & Tapping Machine



Drilling & Tapping Machine

Our Drilling & Tapping Machines are made of best quality materials. They are designed to offer optimum performance. The modern technology of our products ensures the fastest and easiest operations as per the needs of the industry. They come with a reasonable price tag.


Tapping Machine



Tapping Machines

The Tapping Machines we deliver are made of durable materials. They have various tapping capacities as per the specifications of individual models. They have some easy to operate and easy to maintain features. They are just perfect for error-free tapping.