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Workshop Machines

Pillar Drill Machine

BMT 20-25

We offer a wide range 13-20-25mm pillar drill machine. This tool is used for drilling operations. It is basically designed to bore holes in different materials. Our devices are sturdy, reliable, economical and durable.

BMT 38-40

We provide a wide range of 38-40mm pillar drill machines. It is used for drilling operations. They are designed to make holes in different materials. Our tools are robust, consistent, cost-effective and long lasting.

BMT 13-20-20H

Bhavya Machine Tools plays a significant role in workshop device supply. We provide wide range of machining components which are supportive in several industries to carry out multiple machining operations.

BMT 25-25H, BMTL 25

Pillar drills have special preference in industries when it comes to precise drilling. We present these tools in different models and different boring capacities to meet industrial machining standards.

BMT 38 - BMTL 38

We present wide range of drill equipments made according to industrial requirements. Pillar drills remain one of the most preferred boring equipments presented by us for several reasons.

All Geared Pillar Drilling Machine

We have used the newest technologies to build the strong and effective All Geared Pillar Drilling Machine as per the demand of the current industries. They are perfect for drilling. They come with low maintenance features so that users can operate them easily for several times.


We design the finest quality drilling machine with the drilling capacity of 40mm. The machine has advance buttons so that one can operate them easily. They have all the required specification to ensure the efficient and faster operation each time you use the same.


Our BPRL25-BPS25 has the drilling capacity of 25mm. This machine is meant to offer you the best drilling experience as per your need. You do not need to waste much time in maintenance the machine. They have advanced features to ensure perfect drilling each time you run the tool.