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20-25mm Pillar Drill Machine

We offer a wide range 13-20-25mm pillar drill machine. This tool is used for drilling operations. It is basically designed to bore holes in different materials. Our devices are sturdy, reliable, economical and durable.

They are produced using superior quality material to assure simple operation, low maintenance and high performance. We supply boring machines that feature lower noise and reduced vibrations. Our tools are built using advanced technology for better efficiency and higher precision. They are designed according to the industry standards and general specifications. Various models are available that provide convenience and versatility. Drilling machines are commonly used in many industries.

This is a versatile drill that can be applied for variety of boring applications. We present four models which are featured with different hole making capacities. This has been designed to perform basic kinds of hole operations on variety of work materials and when it comes to construction, this remain one of the reliable, cost effective and sturdy machining tools.

We have made used of higher quality materials for constructing and to obtain easier operation but high performance at relatively low maintenance. It is also preferred for low noise and less vibration aspects. Our design engineers have applied advanced technology to bring in more efficiency and accuracy in machining aspects and every model is designed to match industrial standards. Our devices are applied in variety of industries which requires vibration free and less maintenance drilling operations.

Pillar Drill Machine – BMT 20-25
Model BMT-20 BMT-25 BMTL-25
Drilling Capacity 20 mm 25 mm 25 mm
Piller Dia 75 mm 90 mm 90 mm
Spindle Nose MT-2 MT-3 MT-3
Spindle Travel 125 mm 152 mm 250 mm
Spindle Center to      
Piller Surface 200 mm 228 mm 250 mm
No of Spindle Speed 8 8 8
Spindle Speed (RPM) 87-3200 96-2600 70-2000
Base to Spindle Nose 925 mm 980 mm 1000 mm
Electronoc Motor 1 H.P 1 H.P 1 H.P

BMT-13 is featured with 13mm of boring capacity. Other important features include 47mm of pillar diameter, solid spindle nose, 75mm of spindle travel and 155mm of pillar surface. It can provide 500-2800 rotation of spindle speed per minute and it is equipped with 0.5 H.P electronic motor.

BMT-20 contains 20mm of boring capacity and 75mm of pillar diameter. It is designed with MT-2 type spindle nose and the spindle can travel up to 125mm. The pillar surface is 200mm and the spindle speed is 87-3200 rotations per minute. It is provided with 1 H.P electronic motor.

BMT-25 is capable of to bore 25mm and provided with 90mm pillar diameter. It is featured with MT-3 spindle nose and the spindle can travel up to 152mm. The spindle centre to pillar surface distance is 228mm and it can make 96-2600 rotations per minute which makes it suitable for drilling medium duty work materials.

BMTL-25 is capable to make hole 25mm and it is designed with 90mm pillar diameter. It has been provide with spindle nose MT-3 and the spindle can travel up to 250mm. The spindle is capable of making 70-2000 rotations per minute.

Specification of Tool Components

All the components are obtained from finishing process through imported machines. Some of the important components are,

  • Column, Arm, Gears and Head are Made of closed grain cast iron
  • Main Spindle and Pinion-Made from EN forged steel
  • Spindle Ram-Made from alloy steel
  • Parts finished with the help of Imported Grinding Machine.
  • All moving components are finished till close tolerance.
  • Main gear and pulley are checked for proper balance prior to assembly.

Industries which Prefer this tool

  • Metal industries.
  • Heavy duty drilling requirements.
  • Suitable for boring cast iron and different metals.

Many industries prefer this for its low maintenance aspects and cost effective operations. They are robust in structure which makes it suitable for long term applications.

All Parts Finished on Imported Machines

  • Closed grain Cast Iron Column, Arm, Work Head & Gears
  • EN Forged Steel Main Spindle & Pinion
  • Alloy Steel Spindle Ram
  • Parts Finished on Imported Grinding M/c.
    All Moving parts Finished to Close Tolerance.
  • Parts properly balanced prior assembly.Main Gear & Pulley
Pillar Drill Machine – BMT 20-25

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