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All Geared Auto Feed Radial Drill Machine

We supply BR-40AA all geared radial drill machine for boring operations. It can make holes in several materials. Our devices are well-built, dependable, efficient and durable. They are made using high grade material to ensure easy operation, low maintenance and peak performance.

We offer drilling machines that feature lower noise and reduced vibrations. Our equipments are very precise. They are provided as per customer specifications. Various models are available that provide convenience and versatility. Many industries use boring devices.

BR-40AA All Geared Radial Drill Machine


This device has been designed for special purpose industrial usages, particularly for those that deal with metals. When it comes to drilling operation, this equipment has been equipped with professional features such as long columns, maximum spindle nose and the spindle auto feed range, etc makes it stay versatile for performing precise piercing upon moderate to heavy duty work materials. It is provisioned with auto gear box which are internally splinted for machining and gear mechanism. Out all geared auto feed radial drill machine model no BR-40AA is yet another innovation introduced in view of supporting multiple industries.

Model BR 40AA Model BR40AA
Drilling in M.S 40 Max/Min Dist Spindle 900 /400
boring in C.I 45 centre to column  
Tapping in C.I 25 MaxDrilling Radius 990
Boring in M.S 75 Machine Measurement 1200x780x2100
Spindle Hole Taper MT-4 Diameter of Column 180
Spindle Travel 250 Work Table 300x300x385
Spindle Speed (RPM x Steps) 58- 936x9 Drill Head Motor (HP/RPM) 1.5 / 960
Diameter of RAM 78 Elevating Motor (HP / RPM) 1 /1440
Spindle Autofeed Ranges 0.05 & 0.09    
Max/Min Dist Spindle nose to base 950 /250    

All Geared Auto Feed Radial Drill Device Features
  • Closed grain Cast Iron Column, Arm, Work Head & Gears
  • EN Forged Steel Main Spindle & Pinion
  • Alloy Steel Spindle Ram
  • Parts Finished on Imported Grinding M/c. All Moving Parts Finished to Close Tolerance
  • Parts properly balanced prior assembly. Main Gear & Pulley
  • Radial equipment with all geared auto feed feature is designed to serve heavy duty boring applications in wide range of engineering industries.
  • It is featured with additional column bracket along with arm and column that takes the boring to into fast, precise and accurate ones.
  • The auto feed provision is added to reduce vibration and keep the work material in rigid position.
  • It can be operated over different speed levels in harmony with production demand.
  • The drilling head is comparatively wider and supports for dimensional stability in making hole application on harder and larger work materials.
  • Above all, it is user friendly in operation, safe and reliable for long run mechanisms.
BR-40AA All Geared Radial Drill Machine

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