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High Precision Radial Drilling Machine

We proudly presents radial drill machine that is known for serving multiple aspects of boring requisites. Our tool is popular among metal and engineering industry for its incomparable quality of boring and long lasting operation. We have special team of instrument designers who perform various analyses while structuring component. Their analysis and studies are based on the various industrial requirements in terms of drilling and make changes to update instrument category in accordance with the production preference. We are one of the leading suppliers of radial drill equipment that is known among the consumers for the following reasons such as,

  • Stays the prominent choice of machinery for machinists for the exceptional boring.
  • Multiple tasks can be performed including boring holes, countersinking, grinding smaller range of components, etc.
  • Also preferred for some particular sort of masonry works.
  • Easier to work with and flexible to install.
  • Suits perfect for making holes in larger work materials at multiple positions.
  • Cost effective and efficient in performance.
  • Perfect option for prolonged production or non-stop production.
  • Comparatively safer tooling option among the other larger form of boring instruments.
  • Available in different models with various boring capacities in diameters.

Technical Specifications:
Particulars / Models Z3050 x 16 Z3063 x 20 Z3080 x 25 Z30100 x 31 Z30132 x 42
Max Drilling Capacity (Dia.) 50mm 63mm 80mm 100mm 132mm
Distance Between Spindle
Axis and Column (Max / Min )
1600 / 350mm 2000 / 450mm 2530 / 530mm 3150 / 570mm 4200 / 600mm
Distance Between Spindle
End & Working Surface of
Base Plate ( Max. / Min )
1270 / 370mm 1650 / 450mm 2050 / 600mm 2500 / 750mm 2560 / 750mm
Spindle Travel 315mm 400mm 450mm 500mm 560mm
Taper in Spindle MT-5 MT-5 MT-6 MT-6 1:20(80)
Range of Spindle Speed 25-2000rpm 20-1600rpm 16-1250rpm 8-1000rpm 6.3-800rpm
Number of Spindle Speeds 16 16 16 22 22
Range of Spindle Feeds 0.04-3.20mm/r 0.04-3.20mm/r 0.04-3.20mm/r 0.06-3.20mm/r 0.06-3.20mm/r
Number of Spindle Feeds 16 16 16 16 16
Table Size 500x630mm 630x800mm 750x1000mm 800x1250mm 850x1350mm
Travel of Spindle Head 1250mm 1550mm 2000mm 2580mm 3600mm
Power of Main Drive Motor 4.0kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 15.0kw 18.5kw
Weight 3500 kg 7300 kg 10500 20000 29000 kg
Special Features Standard Accessories :
Main parts & key parts are made by high strength cast
and special steel material.
Work Table
Machine Lamp
Heat treatment made by first-class equipment, ensuring
Coolant System
Foundation bolts, Washer & nuts (6 pcs.)
Machining is made by means of specialization equipment, to
ensure basic parts with superior quality .
Instruction Manual
500303 T-Slots Bolts (6 Nos.)
Clamping for assemblies and speed-change of spindle are
achieved by hydraulic power and is sensitive and reliable.
Multiple spindle speed and feeds provide economic and high
efficiency machining.
Mechanical and electrical controls are centralized in the
headstock, with convenient and rapid operation.

Important Features

Bhavya Machine Tools provides radial drill that is also well-known for strong structural features which stay best when compared to previous types of tool where more man power was required. Machining options have been excellently equipped with this device to provide the user with wonderful metal working experience. Below are some of the exceptional aspects which the user can find in our drill with radial arm are,

  • Each part or component of this instrument is made from tested material that ensures quality, durability and compatibility.
  • Each part is made from heat treatment to ensure rust free and maintenance free operations.
  • High speed in boring.
  • Speed-change is possible by means of energy efficient hydraulic power.
  • The user can also make use of multiple spindle speed and multiple work material feed features which in turn will provide economic as well as precise machining in comparatively lesser time.
  • Headstock featured with mechanical and electrical control to ensure flexible and fast operation for the user.

We are much concerned about instrument performance and efficiency in production during higher productivity demands. Our service is purely based on present trend analysis and cater to the latest needs of our consumers. To cope up with consumer satisfaction we provide 5 different models with radial arm with different table size and boring capacities. These are heavy weight instruments suitable for higher range or heavy duty machining operation. Each model has been featured with specific power of main drive motor in accordance with boring capacities and spindle travel capabilities. Above all, the standard accessories available with these equipments will also make the consumer feel cost effective aspects of investing through Bhavya Machine Tools.

Note : As Improvements are made time to time the specifications are subject to change without notice and are not binding on us. Pictures shown with optional accessories.
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