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Bhavya is India's prime manufacturer & exporter of lathe machine for light, medium and heavy duty lathe applications with v-belt drive, all geared, CNC lathe machines and accessories comprises highest quality and worldwide delivery.

These devices are designed to perform different operations in various industries by creating an object about an axis of rotation. They are used to perform various operations in manufacturing process such as drilling, cutting, sanding, turning, metal working, wood turning, and glass working. These devices are available in different types as below and offer different functionalities and features to derive constantly the quality work required. Find the best quality lathe machines for different industrial applications here at the most competitive rates.


Lathe Machine - V-Belt Drive



Light Duty Lathe

As the name suggests, this instrument is meant for small scale object shaping or deforming tasks like those performed at workshops, tool rooms etc. It is a user friendly and easy to install device which can cast most accurate shapes while giving the user total control and ease of operation.



Medium Duty Lathe

This equipment is an advanced machine suitable for various applications in power plants, steel rolling mills, workshops, paper mills and tool rooms. It is designed to produce enhanced functionality with high operational output and optimum performance.



Heavy Duty Lathe

These lathe instruments are robust and designed perfectly built for longer life and optimum performance in large scale metal and wood working tasks. These are state-of-art instruments equipped with most advanced technology to ensure maximum and best quality output is generated with less efforts and within shortest time.



Extra Heavy Duty Lathe

This equipment satisfies the requirements of those who want to work upon very hard materials for shaping or deformation. Flawlessly designed with tight tolerance, this is a simple yet robust machine designed with the latest technology to ensure better performance, ease of work and longer working life.



Roll Turning Lathe

This is a specialized tool used to produce cylindrical rolls in rolling mills. It is a tough and reliable machining companion for finishing and other applications in power plants, steel rolling mills and heavy industries.



Lathe Accessories

We provide accessories for lathe tools and parts for replacements. We offer various standard accessories for well integration with your new as well existing instrument. We provide truck chuck, independent chuck, key way attachment, tapper turning attachment, hydraulic copy turning attachment, revolving centre pipe centre, coolant pump with tank & assembly, tool post grinder, quick change tool post with multi tool holder etc.


Lathe Machine - All Geared Indian Series



Light Duty Lathe All Geared

The all geared equipment for lathe job is quite sufficient for your light operational needs to your work shop or tool room. This is one of the widely used and demanded instruments for the industrial applications. High versatility and long durability with greater accuracy and precision work have made it popular.



Medium Duty All Geared

This machine with gear box include lead screw & feed shaft is used for premium quality job of cutting, drilling, knurling and sanding on solid metal. This sturdy equipment is used in ship building, textile, metal rolling mills and workshops. We offer 3 Models medium duty all geared equipment PRH 175/200, PRH 215 and ET for standard machining work for medium scale unit.



Heavy Duty All Geared

As the name suggests, the machine is built for high end lathe machining work. It is equipped for multi-tasking and performs highly precision work on tough sheet metals. Hard casting bed, head stock gears and head stock spindle acts on hard material with easy controlling and shaft movement front & back with auto switching control panel gives ease in machining hard metals with industry class auto gear controls



Extra Heavy Duty All Geared

It is a best combination of powerful machining with execution ease for extra heavy duty work that gives you complete freedom, cutting and drilling with power efficiency. It is applied in heavy industries and high end businesses where quality & quantity, both are main driving businesses like mining, shipping, power plant and paper industries.


Lathe Machines - All Gear Imported Series



Light Duty Lathe Machine

This is a light duty imported device giving efficient high precision work in small scale of time. It is constructed for high tolerance to work in tough environment at consistent preset high speed rate. Smooth machining on solid sheet metal with quite ease is the best feature.



Medium Duty Lathe Machine

Highly durable, accurate measures, high precision quality machining for optimum output are some of the standard features. The electro-mechanical equipment is for high end quality bulk process for solid machining work on sheet metals. This is unique in design to extend the machining work efficiency with fewer resources.



Heavy Duty High Speed Lathe

The Series of Machine is used in Industrial workshops and tool rooms. The high work efficiency and versatile functions, greater speed, high durability and low noise executions are some of the attractive features to work for metal and wood industry. Wood turning, metal spinning, metal working, drilling with precise measures are some of the tasks that performs smartly.



Extra Heavy Duty Lathe - Pedestal

This instrument is available in 3 different models – CW6263E, CW6280E and CW62100E where the swing over bed is varying from 630mm to 1000mm and spindle bore diameter is 105mm/130mm. The machines are fabricated from superior grade corrosive resistant raw material for long durability and performance consistency as per the international standard and requirements at very low cost.



Extra Heavy Duty Lathe - Planer

This machinery is presented in 2 models – CW61100M and CW61125M with 1000mm and 1250mm maximum swing over bed to the subsequent equipments. They are fabricated for consistent long working duration. Our devices have passed through zero defect analysis before supplying to the customers. This is the extra heavy duty low cost imported instrument that can be installed quickly with easy maintenance.


Capstan Lathe Machine



Capstan Lathe Machine

We offer a broad range of SPM and heavy machines including capstan lathe machine. SPM is a special purpose tool which is build for a particular function; they are available in diverse models and used in various industries. Our versatile and durable capstan lathe tools can perform multiple cutting operations using different cutting tools.


Lathe Machine - Vertical Turning



Vertical Turning Lathe Machine

Bhavya Machine Tools provides a wide variety of SPM and heavy machines including vertical turning lathe machines.SPM is a special purpose tool that is made for a specific function; they are available in various models and useful in many industries. Our strong and efficient vertical turning lathe tools are designed for fast and concurrent turning of the work piece.


Key Points for Lathe Machines from Bhavya Machine Tools:

  • Lathe Machines made from high quality sturdy material
  • High Tensile Casting
  • Latest Design Head Stock
  • Bed & Spindle are Hardened and Ground
  • Highly Precise Lathe Work
  • Low Maintenance
  • Pre-sales and Post-sales support
  • 100% Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction