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Pedestal Extra Heavy Duty Lathe Machine - DMTG Imported All Geared Lathe

We present DMTG extra heavy duty all geared lathe machine with pedestal. It is one of the versions of imported heavy duty with slight variation shown in mounting style. It has been designed to support shaping requisites in different types of heavy duty work materials. We are one of the well-known work shop tools manufacturers and supply to different countries. We are a consistent destination of lathe devices ranging from light duty, medium duty, and heavy and extra heavy duty capacities. We provide DMTG extra heavy duty machining operations with pedestal in three different models. Each model is intended to support shaping or trimming or turning heavy load work piece of various load range starting from 1000mm to 5000mm.

Lathes with guideway and spindle have been created to support during turning applications, as far as pedestal extra heavy duty lathe is concerned, we have equipped with 550mm width guideway to remain compatible for turning up to 5000mm or 5 meter length of work material. Therefore, this tool remains a top workshop tool in heavy metal and wood industries. The spindle speed is 7.5 to 1000 rotations per minute which is appropriate for carrying out precise turning or shaping operation at relatively short time than other types of workshop tools meant for the same purpose.

DMTG CW E Series Extra Heavy Duty All Geared Lathe
Standard Accessories :

  • 3 jaw Chuck
  • Coolant System
  • Oil Gun
  • Centre
  • Machine Lamp
  • Steady Rest
  • Follow Rest
  • Change Gear
  • Spanner & Allenkey Set
  • Foundation Bolts
Technical Specifications:

Particulars / Models CW6263E CW6280E CW62100E
Max.Swing over Bed 630mm 800mm 1000mm
Max.Swing over Cross Slide 350mm 520mm 720mm
Max. Swing in Gap 800mm 1000mm 1230mm
Width of Gap 465mm
Max. Length of Workpiece (ABC) 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000mm
Width of Guideway 550mm
Main Spindle Bore 105/130mm
Taper of Spindle Bore 120mm(1:20)/140mm(1:20)
Spindle Nose C11 / D11
No. / Range of Spindle Speed 7.5 - 1000rpm
Max. Travel of Cross Slide 445mm 493mm
Max. Travel of Top Slide 200mm
Travel of Tailstock Quill 240mm
Diameter of Tailstock Quill 100mm
Taper bore of Tailstock Quill No 6 MT
Main Motor Power 11kW(15HP)

We provide three DMTG imported extra heavy duty imported lathe models namely CW6263E, CW6280E and CW62100E with variations provided in swing over bed, swing over cross slide and swing in gap. All the three models are suitable for accommodating work materials ranging from 1meter to 5 meters.

Here, consumers can find set of standard accessories provided along with the equipment to match the requirement of heavy duty machining operations such as the 3 jaw chuck, steady rest and follow rest, etc. The change gear provision supports for controlling the speed whenever required to obtain accuracy in machining. Apart from that, our standard accessories also includes machine lamp, oil gun, spanner and Allenkey set are also provided for smooth and safe working. Steady Rest and follow rest features can be applied for securely holding the work materials at the time of machining.

Advantages of Pedestal Lathe

  • Stays a strong supporting Feature.
  • Mounted in the lower portion of the device and holds the overall tool weight.
  • Supports during spindle rotation.
  • Pedestal feature is an efficient aspect at the time of carrying out heavy duty machining operations.
  • Provides robust grip to the machining operation.
  • Suitable for long term operation.
  • Designed by in-house design engineers.v
  • Provided with optional accessories as per the consumer preference.

Our entire workshop related equipments and tools are guaranteed for the type of material from which they are made from. This is main reason which has leaded us to stay popular among the suppliers for workshop requirements.

Note :As Improvements are made time to time the specifications are subject to change without notice and are not binding on us. Pictures shown with optional accessories.
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