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Power Press

Power press is used in heavy industrial applications where needs high pressure to cut, bend, press and form the sheet metals in various shapes and sizes. C type power press is one of the unique industrial pressing machines that comes with different models and features to meet the bending, cutting and pressing needs for many industries.



Pillar Type Power Press

Pillar type power press constructed with two pillars and bed at the centre for hydraulic or mechanical pressure enforce for tough metal bending. The machine is used for heavy duty metal cutting and bending applications, where need huge pressure. This is a unique multipurpose sheet metal machine for wide range of metal working.



Bending Roller

Bending roller is the machine that generates the sheet metal bending rolls with the standard machine parts top roll and bottom roll. Bending rollers are manufactured for various sizes as per industrial standard as well custom requirements. At Bhavya Machine Tools, we offer wide range of bending rollers including bending roller machine, mechanical plate bending machine, hydro-mechanical plate bending machine, plate rolling machine and pyramid type plate bending machine.



Hydraulic Press

One of the oldest and basic press machine tools in new form with hydraulic pressure gives high performance in metal working industry with enhanced reliability. The advanced electrical and mechanical components with hydraulic circuit have made the hydraulic press more powerful for sheet metal bending, cutting and pressing. The hydraulic machines offered by Bhavya Machine Tools are used in automobile industry, rubber, plastic, wood and metal industry. The industrial scope of this machine is wide.


Arbour Press



Arbour Press

This small hand operated press machine is quite efficient for acting on small metal piece for various jobs of riveting, inserting and bearings etc. The Arbour press is a general engineering machine tool used widely in all industries like automobile, garages and workshops for general metal applications.



Spring Controlled Arbour Press

Spring controlled arbour press is a heavy duty sheet metal machine for light engineering works. Auto spring adjustment and tension make the required pressure on the workpiece to achieve the machining work. The machine is offered with various models that differ with spring controlling features.



Round Can Top & Bottom Seaming Arbour Press

The machine is presenting two forms of manual operated top & bottom round can seaming machine and motor operated top & bottom round can seaming machine. The machine is used for industry specific needs to seam round tin containers with spindle



Foot Press Arbour Press / Pendulam Arbour Press

This is a foot operated arbour press used in embossing, punching and cutting of cards, plastic or mica board. The heavy duty foot press is also known as pendulum arbour press manufactured for different diameters of tins. These machines from Bhavya Machine Tools are made up of high quality raw materials for long durability and high efficiency metal work.


Swaging Machine



Swaging Machine

Our industrial swaging machine is used for altering the dimension of cylindrical or plain metal sheet for curling and wiring. This hand operated mechanical machine or motorized swaging machine is used in various forging operations executed on flat sheet metal as well on cylindrical rods. We provide exclusive range of swaging machines for metal working alteration jobs.



Universal & Deep Throat Swaging Machine

Universal swaging & beading machine, Deep throat swaging machine are the machines used in heavy metal industries to alter the sheet metal size and shape in required form. Motorized deep throat swaging machine is used for swaging the medium size drums and containers like household water buckets. Bhavya Machine Tools offers the hand operated and motorized swaging machine as per standard and custom specifications.



Jenny or Burrying Machine

The machine is available in two forms.  Hand operated jenny or burring machine and motorized jenny or burring machine. The machine is used for tin plate work to edge, flange or hurrying the edge. The extensive tin plating, edging and flanging carried out for tin bottom, bodies and angularly for setting and double seaming. Bhavya Machine Tools offers wide range of Jenny or burring machines to carry out machining on tins and containers.



Roll Type Edge Folding Swaging Machine

The hand operated machine is used for tin edging, forming hooks on side seams and tin flanging. Roll type edge folding swaging machine is used in variety of swaging needs to create tin container in various size and shape. The machine is offered in different capacities to work with tin plates.


Bending Machine



Bending Machine

Widely used machine tool in sheet metal industry is bending machine. Its available with hand operated, hydraulic and electrical system to achieve the desired bending. We at Bhavya Machine Tools offer variety of bending machines like hand operated trunk folding machine, steel body fly press, hand operated metal sheet bending machine to carry out different industrial bending operations



Hand Operated Trunk Folding Machine

This manual bending machine is used to create angular folds on the side of the trunks. The machine is fabricated from cast iron for robust bending execution. Hand operated trunk folding machine is highly reliable to work with their sturdy machine parts like bending bar and blade, handle etc. High quality of folding, bending and edging with precision accuracy can be achieved through this industrial machine.



Steel Body Fly Press

This type of bending machine is quite suitable for press work. Steel body fly press can be designed as per the customer requirement. The machine architecture is simple yet effective in operation with easy maintenance. Heavy duty and reliability for accurate precision work are the important features of this machine offered by Bhavya Machine Tools.



Hand Operated Metal Sheet Bending Machine

This is an industry class sheet bending machine offered with exclusive features for sheet metal bending, cutting, shearing and punching as per international quality standards. We offer hand operated metal sheet bending machine in various models for different bending applications.



Small Sheet Metal Machine

Small sheet metal machines are useful for small job works in metal and wood industry. We offer various sheet metal machines for small scale industries also to perform metal cutting, bending, pressing and forming. Our small sheet metal machines include circle cutting machine, Z-section, single body fly press, double body fly press, angle cutting machine, rod cutting machine, Bhaiya cutter, hand notcher and many more at Bhavya Machine Tools.


Imported Sheet Metal Machine



Imported Sheet Metal Machine

We offer imported machine tools for sheet metals. These imported machines are manufactured with advanced technology to carry out complex sheet metal working with operational ease with overall low costing production. Our wide range of imported sheet metal machines cover hydraulic shearing machine, hydraulic press breaks, hydraulic profile pipe bending, 3 & 4 roll hydraulic plate bending, hydraulic iron worker, vertical turning lathe, horizontal machining center and horizontal milling boring machine.



Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Our hydraulic shearing machine is the most technically advanced shearing machine that supports the size up to 40mm thickness and 6000mm length. The machine is quite efficient in shearing all types of metallic and non-metallic materials. The equipment can be well versed integrated with online shearing applications to form roll forming line, galvanizing line, cut to length line, coil built up line etc.



Hydraulic Press Breaks

The press break with hydraulic pressure to bend the sheet metals and plates is used in newly designed imported hydraulic press breaks. The machine offered size is up to 300 Ton to support the sheet metal up to 6000mm length. The machine is integrated with advanced technology for electro-mechanical press execution generating the controlled hydraulic pressure in metal industry.



Hydraulic Profile Pipe Bending Machine

Hydraulic profile bending machine is a high performance bending machine that is extensively used to achieve sophisticated bending of solid metals with strict tolerance to create the high-end bend metal parts to use in aerospace, shipyard and automotive industries. The machine is constructed with sturdy high tensile quality materials to give the best productive bending performance.



3 & 4 Roll Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine

3 & 4 roll hydraulic plate bending machine is designed and developed as per the latest industrial technology to get maximum output with industry best bending techniques. The machine is 120mm thick with 4000mm length. The machine passes through strict and stringent quality check to meet industry best compliance parameters. The machine is offered at industry best pricing rate now from Bhavya Machine Tools.



Hydraulic Iron Worker

Hydraulic iron worker is an imported sheet metal machine that provides good connectivity with accurate dimension and high tensile strength.  Our imported hydraulic iron worker is known for long durability, execution flexibility, easy installation and low maintenance. We provide this machine as per standard as well custom specification.



Vertical Turning Lathe

Vertical turning lathe is for best use of fast and parallel turning of components. The machine is featured for smooth loading and unloading through auto lifting and lowering of the rails. Our machine is highly efficient to work under different conditions to excrete high performance and durability. We offer various sizes vertical turning lathes at best pricing for standard as well industry specific needs.



Horizontal Machining Center

Horizontal machining center is used for industry wide applications. The machine is most reliable for long working without major maintenance. The machine is sturdy and tough corrosion resistive to work in adverse condition. The machine is constituted for machining the best as per the international standards.



Horizontal Milling Boring Machine

Horizontal milling boring machine is used for milling and boring of sheet metal. This two-in-one machine is highly efficient for shaping and boring the metals with required bore size. This advanced electronic machine has replaced the traditional milling and boring machines installed at many of the industries. Bhavya Machine Tools offers the machine that is used for high precision milling and boring job.