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Workshop Machines

Tool Room Machines


Milling Machine



Milling Machine

This type of tool is used for precision shaping of metal and solid materials. We offer various types of tools to mill including manual, mechanical equipment and CNC equipment. We cater these equipments in various models based on factors like table surface, cross, vertical traverse, longitudinal traverse etc. We provide various tools for milling like universal all geared device, vertical all geared, universal geared drive device, and accessories


Grinding Machine



Manual Surface Grinding Machine

Manual surface grinder machine are also known as mechanical device that needs external force and intervention to execute the grinding job. The tool needs more concentration and work power to load and execute the device. The equipment is also known as oil type grinding equipment or ball type device available for different working table surface


Hydraulic Press



"C" Type Hydraulic Press

The Presses have good rigid structure for accurate works. Our Presses are powered by specially designed Power Pack Unit and Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder.



"H" Type Hydraulic Press

Our Presses are powered by specially designed Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders. Cylinders manufactured out of quality steel. Cylinder Bores will be honed to mirror finish or long life of piston seals. All chevron seals & bronze strip used for leak proof performance. Ram will be made from EN-8 material & surface ground hardened for long life of seals & corrosion resistance.


Tool & Cutter Grinding



Tool & Cutter Grinding

We can deliver our customers a wide array of Tool & Cutter Grinding machines as per their budget and needs. Our items are designed to perform the special function for which such type of machines are made. They can grind as well as sharpen different types of tools for various industries.


Shaping Machine



Shaping Machine

This is one of the widely used tools in various industries and we can provide our customers with a wide range of Shaping Machines as per their needs. Our machines can be used to give the right shape to different items as per the need of the production. We have total 5 varieties of shaping machines that can be used in metal cutting.


Slotting Machine



Standard Slotting Machine

The standard slotting machine is used for shaping or cutting materials like metal and wood. It can make slots on heads of blank instrument screws, wood screws, bolts, automobile components and other similar parts. Our instruments are built for heavy duty operation and high speed production.



Deluxe Slotting Machine

The deluxe slotting machine is useful for shaping or cutting materials like metal and wood. It can create slots on heads of blank instrument screws, wood screws, bolts, automobile components and other similar components. Our equipments are robust and durable. They are created from superior quality materials and designed according to industry standards. 



Heavy Duty Slotting Machine

Our Heavy Duty Slotting Machine is perfect for cutting and giving shapes to heavy metals. There are lots of industries where such kind of machines plays vital role. Our tools are durable and easy to operate. They are designed to offer the maximum output without much maintenance.


Bandsaw Machine



Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine

We provide top quality, sturdy and compact bandsaw machine. Our tools ensure maximum safety and prevent accidents. The key features include higher cutting speed and better accuracy in our bandsaw tool. These tools are highly suitable for cutting long bars into different shapes.



Double Column Semi Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

These are of :- Stress Relieved Fabricated Steel Structure, Hard Chrome Plated Ground Column, Automatic Height Adjustment for Saw Frame, Variable Pressure Control for Cutting Feed and Auto Cutting Stop.


Hacksaw Machine



Semi Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine

We offer semi-hydraulic hacksaw machines. This tool is used for cutting several materials including wood and metal. Our hydraulic controlled tools are highly dependable, efficient and long lasting. We supply the finest grade of hacksaw tools that are designed for smooth functioning. They are ruggedly constructed by experts for hustle free operations.



Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine

This tool is basically used tor cut numerous materials such as wood and metal. Our hydraulic controlled tools are reliable, durable and stable. We provide top quality hacksaw tools for trouble-free operations. They are manufactured by experts for continuous working. These robust and highly accurate tools are cost-effective.