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Bhavya Machine Tools provides various slotting machines including standard slotting machine. A slotting machine is used for shaping or cutting materials like metal and wood. It can make slots on heads of blank machine screws, wood screws, bolts, automobile components and other similar parts. Our machines are built for heavy duty operation and high speed production.

Slotting machine is made from best quality raw materials and designed as per industry standards. We thoroughly inspect their functionality for hassle-free performance. These slotting machines for slotting, shaping and cutting are robust, efficient and long lasting. This machine incorporates advanced technology for perfect slotting. Our machines are available in various models and technical specifications. They are mainly used in the automotive, furniture, electrical, construction and other heavy industries.

Slotting Machine - Standard Slotting Machine

Slotting Machine - Model

BS-150 BS-250
Stroke 10to150mm 10 to 250mm
Longitudinal Move. 200 mm 230mm
Cross Movement 110mm 230mm
Speed Adjustment 3 speed 3 speed
Ram Adjustment 150 mm 250 mm
H.P. 1 H.P 1.5 H.P
Column to RAM Dist. 210 mm

330 mm

Table to RAM Dist. 310 mm 410 mm

Slotting Machine : Extra Accessories -


  • Rotary Table with 36 :1 Ration ( 250mm),
  • Electric Motor True Chuck Switch V-belt
  • Rigid Construction hence smooth and Vibration free operation.
  • Fine gained castings and dully Seasoned.
  • All gears are Machines cut and Properly fitted.


Bhavya Machine Tools presents slotting equipment to carry out variety of shaping and cutting operations on work materials like metals and wood. It is specifically designed to create different cutting requirements like forming grooves, keys, slots of different varieties, etc. It has a great demand in industries to make complicated and minute components like making of slots on machine screw heads, wood screws, bolts, automobile parts, etc. We have applied higher grade and high tensile material thus our machines withstand for good amount of productivity and long term application. Every machine is tested perfectly to make sure of its performance. Industries which can benefit from slotting equipment are automobile, wood furniture making, construction, electrical and heavy engineering industries. The ranges of slotting machines offered at Bhavya Machine Tools are given below.


BS-150 Slotting Machine

This model can produce slotting strokes from 10 to 150mm. The longitudinal and cross movement for slotting ranges about 200mm and 110 mm respectively. The Ram adjustment is 150mm and the column to Ram distance is 210mm similarly table to Ram distance is 310 mm. This equipment is made of rigid construction and it creates no vibration while machining. It is made of fine grained and seasoned casting that makes the machine work for long term application.

BS-250 Slotting Machine

Bhavya Machine Tools presents BS-250 model slotting machine which has 10 to 250 mm capacity of slotting strokes. The longitudinal and cross movement of slotting remains 230mm on both directions therefore this machine remains a suitable option for slotting requirement which should be equal on both directions. It is equipped with 3 speed adjustment. The Ram adjustment is 250mm which is comparatively higher than BS-150 therefore for slotting work materials that are heavier BS-250 would remain the right choice. Consumers should choose the model based on the slotting capacity and compatibility with the material. The H.P is 1.5 and column to Ram distance is 330mm which makes it appropriate for slotting slightly bigger work piece. The table to Ram distance is 410 mm that makes it perfect choice for precise slotting on heavy materials.

Our BS-250 and BS-150 models slotting equipment is made of sturdy and high tensile strength material with appropriately seasoned fine grained casting. The gears are made of machine cut and are designed and fixed accurately. Consumers can choose additional accessories apart from the standard specifications we offer. Our optional accessories for slotting machine includes rotary table with 36:1 ration (250mm) and electric motor true chuck switch V-belt that makes it cope up for higher production range flawlessly as well as continuously.

Bhavya Machine Tools also takes up customized requests from different industries and design workshop equipments accordingly. Our range of slotting equipments are durable, cost effective, sturdy, etc and when it comes to functional features our slotting machines perform faster, non-stop and provide precise cutting and shaping operations. Pricing is another important aspect which attracts more consumers toward Bhavya Machine Tools as we provide workshop components at reasonable price.


Slotting Machine - Standard Slotting Machine

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