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Workshop Machines

Woodworking Machinery



Combi Planner Machine

Combi Planners & Combi Planners - S are the main models coming in this category. Combi Planners - S is further divided into two :- Master and Popular. These have planer blades of different dimensions fitted in cutter block along with mitre gauge, motor pulley, toolkit & m/c manual.



Surface Planner Machine

Surface Planners are both of type :- Master and Popular(Open stand). These have motor fixing rail and plate respectively. These have mitre gauge and motor pully in common.



Thickness Planner Machine

Thickness Planners are of three types :- Planomax, Heavy Duty, Popular. The one with Heavy Duty have a Moulding Block. The Planomax and Popular have :- Motor pulley, Motor fixing plate, Toolkit & m/c manual.



Spindle Moulder Machine

These have moulding blocks of different dimensions. These have washer set, mitre gauge, motor pulley, Toolkit & m/c manual in common.



Basic Router

These have Routiing work table, R/f switch, collet, different size guide pins, flat belt etc.



Wood Saw Machine

These have :- Saw Blade, Upper & lower saw blade guide set Mitre gauge, Motor pulley, Motor fixing plate, Toolkit & m/c manual, Circular cutting attachment as standard accessories with all max models.



Circular & Radial Saw

These are of various types :- Tilting Arbour Circular Saw, Radial Saw, Adjustable Circular Saw, Jig Saw. These have :- Mitre gauge, Motor pulley, Motor fixing plate, Saw guard, Mitre gauge with wood clamping facility in model J-634(st),Toolkit & m/c manual in common.




These are of various types :- chain n chisel, chisel, chain, tenoning machine. These have various dimensions of R/f switch and carbide cutter blocks.



Basic Wood Working Machine

These have safety guard, motor pully, motor plate, revolving centers etc.