3 Roll Pyramid type Hydro-Mechanical Plate Bending

Model : PBM 315,..


The PBM Series 3 Roll Pyramid Type Hydro Mechanical Plate Bending Machines are designed with top roll UP & DOWN movement by hydraulic cylinder. This saves time & labor to adjust top roll. This feature makes the machine more productive and suitable for handling heavy jobs. Dropper end movement is done by hydraulic cylinder.

Plate width
max. (mm)
Plate Thickness
max. (mm)
Min. rolling
dia. (mm)
Uper roller
dia. (mm)
Uper roller
dia. (mm)
Lower Roller
dia. (mm)
Lower Roller
dia. (mm)
Lower roller
central distance
PBM 31515003300150150130130200
PBM 32020003300150150130130200
PBM 41515004400175175155155250
PBM 42020004400175175155155250
PBM 42525004400175175155155250
PBM 62020006500175175155155250
PBM 62525006500175175155155250
PBM 63030006500175175155155250
PBM 82020008500190190170170250
PBM 82525008600190190170170280
PBM 83030008600200200180180280
PBM 1020200010600200200180180280
PBM 1025250010600225225200200280
PBM 1030300010600225225200200280
PBM 1220200012600250250225225280
PBM 1225250012650250250225225280
PBM 1230300012750250250225225320
PBM 1620200016650280280250250360
PBM 1625250016750280280250250320
PBM 1630300016850325325280280360
PBM 2025250020850325325280280440
PBM 2030300020850350350300300440