Capstan Lathe

Model : PC Series

Machines are suitable for batch production of small components & secondary operations requiring Turning, Drilling, Grooving, Threading, Boring, Recessing, Forming etc. with semi skilled operator. Best suited for Sanitary works.

Spindle hollow (mm)252832384242
Maximum collet capacity (mm)202525324040
Range of spindle speeds (RPM)650-1660650-1660275-900165-1500165-1500100-1050
Effective strokes of turret slide(mm)100110130140140165
Bore size in turret hex head252525253232
Center of holes above turret slide (mm)454545454545
Max. dist. Between300375400425425430
Spindle Nose To Turret Face (mm)
Cross slide traverse travel (mm)9595959595150
Cross slide longitudinal travel (mm)300300300300300300
Length of bed (mm)98010501275122512251375
Width of bed (mm)178178178178178230
Height, of center above bed (mm)165165165165165190
Floor space required (mt.)2.5x12.5x13x13x13x13x1
Packing size (approx)(Sq.ft.)4x3x54x3x54.5x3x55x3x55x3x55x3x5

Standard Equipment :

  • Manual Turret
  • Cross Slide with two Tool Posts
  • One Coupling 165mm, Spanner Set
  • Allen key set
  • Oil Cane

Extra Equipment :

  • Collet Chuck
  • Bar Feed attachment
  • Electric motor
  • Vertical Slide*
  • Coolant Pump & its fitting
  • Feed for turret slide
  • Panel board & its fittings

Capstan Lathe Machine Manufacturer & Exporter

We offer a broad range of SPM and heavy machines including capstan lathe machine. SPM is a special purpose tool which is build for a particular function; they are available in diverse models and used in various industries. Our versatile and durable capstan lathe tools can perform multiple cutting operations using different cutting tools.

We supply tough and long lasting tools for trouble-free operations. Our top quality instruments are crafted for higher output. We offer safe and noise free instruments. Our reliable and cost-effective devices are used for bulk production. We supply user-friendly and stable devices. Our fast operating equipments are used for heavy duty operations. We provide equipments according to customer's requirements.

Capsten lathe belongs to the light duty kind of lathes and it is featured with turret head on the ram. The ram is them fixed on the saddle which will not move at the time of tooling. It suits perfect for performing machining over short work materials. The turret head is flexible for making sliding movement over the ram. It stays suitable equipment for industries which require identical kind of tooling frequently. This equipment can also be applied to obtain different cuts by rotating the turret head on the black wherein it becomes quite flexible and fast to work with. Above all, when it is comes to user friendly features in cutting, Capsten apparatus from Bhavya Machine Tools is one of the best options.