CDE Series – All Geared Lathe

Model : CDE6240A, CDE6250A, CDE6266A
Main Specification
Max. Swing Over Bed400mm500 mm660 mm
Max. Swing Over Carriage200mm290 mm440mm
Max Swing in Gap700mm760 mm870 mm
Admit Between Center1000mm/ 1500mm / 2000mm /3000mm1000mm / 1500mm / 2000mm / 3000mm1000mm / 1500mm / 2000 mm / 3000mm
Width of Bed394mm394 mm394mm
Head Stock
Spindle bore52mm52mm52mm
Taper of Spindle boreM6M6M6
No, origin die Speed22 speeds22 speeds22 speeds
Range ofSpindle Speeds11-1400rpm11-1400rpm11-1400rpm
p Thread & Feed
Range of inch thread1/4 - 80 TPI1/4-80 TPI1/4 - 80 TPI
Range of metric thread0.5-240mm0.5-240 mm0.5-240mm
Range of module Thread0.25-120mm0.25-120mm0.25-120mm
Range of Di metrical pitch thread7/16 -160 DP7/16-160 DP7/16-160 DP
Longitudinal feed0.035-2.842 mm/rev0.035 -2.842mm/rev0.035 -2.842mm/rev
Cross feed0.009 - 0.804m m/rev0.009 - 0.804mm/rev0.009 -0.804m m/rev
Rapid Traverse - LongitudinalStandardStandardStandard
Rapid Traverse - CrossStandardStandard15m/min
Max. Travel of Cross Slide348mm348 mm370mm
Max. Travel of Top Slide150mm150 mm150mm
Tool Shank Size25x2 5mm25x25mm25x25mm
Taper of tailstock quillM5M5M5
Travel of tailstock quill150mm150 mm150mm
diameter of tailstock quill75mm75mm75mm
Power of Main Motor10 HP10 HP10 HP
Power of Rapid Traverse Motor0.5HP0.5HP0.5HP
Power of Coolant Motor0.125HP0.125 HP0.125HP
Weight & Dimensions
Net weight: 750mm205OKg.2050Kg.2150Kg.
1500 mm215OKg.2150Kg.225OKg.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 750mm2600x1100x1900 mm2600x1100x1900mm2600x1100x1900mm
1000mm2850x1100x1900 mm2850x1100x1900mm2850x1100x1900mm
1500mm3350x1150x1900 mm3350x1150x1900mm3350x1150x1900mm
2000mm3850x1150x1900 mm3850x1150x1900mm3850x1150x1900mm
3000 mm4580x1150x1900 mm4580x1150x1900mm4580x1150x1900mm

Standard Accessories :

  • 3 - Jaw Chuck
  • Steady Rest
  • Follow Rest
  • Fixed Centre (spindle)
  • Center Sleeve
  • Dead Center 2 No.
  • Full Length splash guard
  • Coolant system & Tank

  • Machine Lamp
  • Chuck Guard
  • Carriage Guard
  • Point Nose oil gun
  • Instruction Manual
  • Tool kit with spanner & Allen key

Optional Accessories :

  • 4 jaw Chuck
  • Face Plate « Drive Plate
  • Quick change Tool Post
  • Taper Turning Attachment
  • Antljibration pads
  • Digital Readout
  • Thread chasi& dial
  • Revolving center

CDE Series designed with powerful and advanced functionalities, having high power of main motor. This series consist advanced accessories Antljibration Pads. It has efficient fixed centre spindle for effective performance.