Concrete Mixer (Hydraulically Operated Hopper)


  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Mixing Drum cone is made of thick steel sheet
  • Bottom Base of the Drum is made of good quality Casting, It gives the Drum a very long life compared to Drum’s made entirely of MS sheet
  • High Quality and Standard Bearings are used to transmit power for Drum Rotation to reduce power loss and increase reliability
  • Branded hydraulic components are used for better reliability
  • Hydraulic pump directly mounted on prime mover to avoid misalignment and power loss
  • Available with Electric motor or Diesel engine
Batch Capacity 200 Its. 10 Cft Unmixed / 7 Cft Mixed.
Power A: 7.5 H.P. Air Cooled Diesel Engine Mounted
 B : 7.5 H.P. 3 Ph. Electrical Motor
Houses ISI Mark High Pressure House to Circulate the oil
Loading Hopper Chassis Hydraulic Operated Heavy Duty Power patch : Heavy Duty Robust made form steel sections.
Handling 4 Nos. Pneumatic Tyre with Roller Bearing With Excel Shaft.