DC Rectifiers

Model : DCR 300,..


Stepless transducting controlled ARC Welding Rectifier. Especially for critical welding using low hydrogen and stainless steel electrodes. The unique smooth ARC with the feedback and filter transducter choke to minimise the ripples and give quality welds and clear X-Rays. Varitrans is provided for setting the current throughout the entire range, settings can also be changed during welding.

No Fuss striking due to start surge current. Perfect open circuit voltage gives good strike properties. Large reserve voltage permitting longerwelding cables.

1 MODELDCR 300DCR 400DCR 500DCR 600 1
Connection Voltage3X380 - 4403X380-4403X380 - 4403X380-440
Frequency50 HZ50 HZ50 HZ50 HZ
Cable Section (Cu) S/Op10mm210mm216mm216mm2
Cable Section (Cu) D/Op16mm225mm238mm245mm2
Max. 'Power Kva. S/Op22303845
Max. Power Kva. D/Op4157--
Primary Current S/Op32405364
Primary Current D/Op6080--
Welding Current30-30040-40050-50060-600
At 60% Duty Cycles300400500600
Open Circuit Voltage70-8070-8070-8070-80