DL Series Slant Bed Turning Centre

Model : DL-20M,...
  • One-piece robust heavy duty cast iron 45°slant-bed. With FEA analysis and reasonable positioning of cylindrical rib and diagonal rib, the main body is heavy duty, high rigidity and stability, which guarantees high precision while machining.
  • The main transmission system introduces a wide range AC servo motor which features big torque output with low speed. It is directly driven with high speed timing belts with less noise.
  • The fully enclosed spindle unit is free of maintenance. The pre-tensioned spindle bearings guarantee a stable performance of high speed and low noise.
  • Pre-tensioned longitudinal balls crew overcomes the affection of balls crew distortion and thermal distortion so that high precision and rigidity can be assured.
  • A robust tailstock block is equipped for support of heavy duty work-piece.
  • Enclosed guards and oil and water separating design provides a neat and user-friendly operation environment.
  • C axis and a live tooling system can be equipped as an option to meet the requirement of high precision turning and milling machining.
  • Automatic compulsory lubricating on mating surfaces and balls crews.
  • A wide options are available for different needs, ie. Programmable hydraulic tailstock, manual or automatic tool setter, programmable hydraulic steady rest, automatic sliding door, etc.
Swing Over Bed440mm520mm625mm680mm800mm
Max. Turning Length600/1000mm1000/1500mm1000mm1000/2000mm2000/2500/3000mm
Max. Turning Diameter (Shafts)260mm310mm310mm400mm550mm
Max. Turning Diameter (Discs)400mm500mm600mm630mm750mm
Guideway TypeLinearLinear/Box WayLinearBox WayBox Way
Cross Travel X - Axis265mm260mm325mm375mm375mm
Longitudinal Travel Z - Axis700/1040mm1100/1600mm1110mm1030/2030mm2160/ 2660 /3160mm
Rapid Traverse X - Axis24m/min.12m/min.24m/min.13m/min.12m/min.
Rapid Traverse Z - Axis24m/min.12m/min.24m/min.13m/min.16m/min.
Spindle Motor Power11/15kw18.5/22kw18.5/22kw22/30kw22/30kw
Spindle NoseA2?6A2?8A2?8A2?llA2?ll
Spindle Bore76mm87mm88mm100mm100mm
Bar Capacity65mm74mm74mm84mm84mm
Spindle Speed Range45-4500rpm35-3500rpm30-3000rpm20-2000rpm20-2000rpm
Chuck Size8"10"12"15"15"
Number of Station1212121212
Tool Shank25x25mm25x25mm25x25mm32x25mm32x25mm
Tail Stock
Quill Diameter85mm100mm140mm160mm160mm
Quil Travel139mm150mm150mm180mm180mm
Quill TaperMT-5MT-5MT-5MT-5MT-5
CNC System
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions (LxWxH)4140x1794x1795mm4834x1830x1977mm5084x2082x2050mm5740x2040x2240mm5950x2358x2600mm
4840x1794x1795mm5334x1830x1977 mm 6740x2040x2240mm6450x2358x2600mm
Net weight5500kg./6500kg.7800kg./8300kg.8500kg.11000/1300013000/14000/15000