Hydraulic Surface Grinder (BH-818,…)

Model : BH-818,...


  • Machine s bed has unique design in which the Table and the Upright are aligned exactly at right angles.
  • Saddle is guided on ground V-ways resting for high precision and smooth operations.
  • Wheel Head is mounted on a constructed vertically column supported by Preloaded precision bearings. Driving pulleys are dynamically balanced.

Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine

Bhavya Machine Tools supplies a wide range of grinding machines that includes hydraulic surface grinder. These tools are basically used for grinding metals and other materials. We supply tools that are well designed and accurately engineered. Our equipments deliver optimum output. These tools are sturdy, durable and safe. They are rust and weather resistant. We provide reliable and economical instruments. Our devices are tested to assure hassle free functioning. We offer these devices in custom dimensions. Our grinding tools are commonly used in industries like engineering, automobile, electrical etc.

ModelBH-818BH-1218BH 824BH-1224
Max. Table Size (mm)200 x 450300 x 450200 x 600300 x 600
Max. Longitudinal Travel (mm)525525675675
Max. Cross Travel (mm)240350240350
Max. Spindle Center Height above Table (mm)400400400750
Max. Table Speed (m/min)151.5 to 151.5 to 181.5 to 18
Power Cross Traverse (m/min)1000100010001000
Auto Cross Feed at each Table reversal
(infinitely variable) (mm)
0.5 to 100.5 to 100.5 to 100.5 to 10
Least Count of vertical feed head wheel (mm)0.0020.0020.0020.002
Size of Grinding wheel (mm)200 x 20 x 31.75200 x 20 x 31.75250 x 25 x 76.2250 x 25 x 76.2
Power of spindle motor (HP)2233
Speed of grinding spindle (RPM)2800280028002800
Working Pressure (Kg/cm)20202020
Motor (HP)2222
Tank capacity (Ltrs)75757575