Magnetic Bending Machine

Model : EB1250, EB2500


  • The fundamental Principle of the Magnetic Bending Machine is that it uses electromagnetic, rather than mechanical, clamping system. The machine consists of a long electromagnet with a steel clamp bar located above it. The sheet metal is clamped between the two by an electromagnet capable of clamping with a force range of between 3-10 tons. Rotating the bending beam then forms the bend. The sheet is bent around the front edge of the clamping bar. They have application in many ways with four various sets clamping bars.
Max. Bending Capacity 625 x 1.6mm 1000 x 1.6mm 1250 x 1.6mm 2000 x 1.6mm 2500 x 1.6mm 3200 x 1.2mm
Clamping Force 3 Ton 4.5 Ton 6 Ton 9 Ton 12 Ton 10 Ton
Duty Cycle 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30%
Back Gauge 390mm 640mm 640mm 640mm 640mm 640mm
Foot Switch N/A N/A Standard Standard Standard Standard
Nominal Current 4 Amp 6 Amp 6 Amp 12 Amp 15 Amp 15 Amp
Protection Thermal Cutout 70° C Thermal Cutout 70° C Thermal Cutout 70° C Thermal Cutout 70° C Thermal Cutout 70° C Thermal Cutout 70° C
Bending Edge Length 670mm 1050mm 1300mm 2090mm 2590mm 3290mm
Distance Between Filters 630mm 1010mm 1260mm 2028mm 2528mm 3228mm
Packing Size 830 x 1120 x 380mm 1200 x 1120 x 380mm 1450 x 1120 x 380mm 2200 x 1120 x 380mm 2700 x 1120 x 380mm 3700 x 1120 x 380mm
Net Weight 100Kgs. 140Kgs. 175Kgs. 290Kgs. 330Kgs. 400Kgs.