MDH Series – Horizontal Machining Centre

Model : MDH40,...

The MDH Series is the ideal machining center for producing box-type and irregular work pieces for automobile, shipbuilding, engine and general engineering industries. The machine is a high-performance, high-reliability and high-precision product characterized by a compact configuration and rapid response rates. The spindle design makes it particularly suitable for heavy power cutting while the excellent ball screw & spindle cooling system provide superb capability for flexible manufacturing.

High-speed High-power Spindle

The high performance, programmable two speed integrated electric spindle motor means that the MDH is not only capable of high-speed, high-power cutting, but also provides excellent low-speed high-torque cutting.

Compact Configuration and Unrivalled Rigidity

The machining center is constructed from thick wall box castings providing exceptionally high rigidity. The extra thick castings of the base and column Improve rigidity, and control thermal deformation to a minimum thus keeping exceptionally high precision over extended periods.

The unique configuration of the MDH horizontal machining center in which the X-axis moves left and right and Z-axis moves the table forward and backward makes the machine work more effectively. The compact configuration also means that the machine takes up 30% less space than former
machining centers and makes the machine particularly suitable for machining automobile engine cylinder body, large steel components, casting and Aluminum components.

High-speed ATC

The fully mechanical, cam-operated, ATC system ensure high-speed accurate tool changing with high durability. The cam provides a variable-speed function so that heavy tools are changed smoothly while the single-motor system ensure complete synchronization of the tool clamp/unclamp operation during high-speed ATC operation.

Combined with a high-speed automatic shutter, the ATC completes a tool-to-tool change in 2/2.5 seconds, while the cassette-pot magazine design permits flexibility for tool capacity expansion, and boasts a top-class tool weight capacity of 25kg.

High-speed APC

The direct-drive APC mechanism is designed to lift and rotate only, thus achieving an APC time of only 12.5 seconds as well as accurate table changing operation.

A multiple APC system (8 or 10 pallets) can be provided to add flexibility in future system expansion and line configuration. Maximum table loading is 2000 kg.

X Axis Travel630 mm780 mm1050 mm1400 mm1400 mm1700 mm
Y Axis Travel620 mm750 mm900 mm1100 mm1100 mm1400 mm
Z Axis Travel710 mm800 mm900 mm1050 mm1000 mm1240 mm
Table Surface to Spindle Center80-700 mm80-700 mm80-700 mm80-700 mm80-700 mm70-1470 mm
Table Center to Spindle Nose150-860 mm150-860 mm200-1100 mm200-1100 mm200-1100 mm360-1600 mm
Table (Pallet) Work Surface Area400 x 400 mm500x500 mm630 x 630 mm800 x 800 mm1000 x 1000 mm1250 x 1250 mm
Maximum Uniform Table Load400 kg800 kg1295 kg1998 kg1999 kg2995 kg
Number of Tables (Pallets)222222
Table (Pallet) Change Time5 Sec.6 Sec.12 Sec.12.5 Sec.12.5 Sec.35 Sec.
Table Index Time (90°)1.9 Sec.1.7 Sec.1.7 Sec.4.5 Sec.4.5 Sec.5 Sec.
Spindle Motor (30 Minute)11 kw22 kw22 kw30 kw30 kw30 kw
Standard Spindle Speed100 -10000rpm35 - 8,000rpm35 - 8,000rpm35 - 8,000rpm35 - 8,000rpm35 - 12,000rpm
Tool TaperCAT40CAT50CAT50CAT50CAT50CAT50
Rapid Traverse Rate60m/min.45m/min.45m/min.36m/min.36m/min.45m/min.
Cutting Feed Rate40m/min.20m/min.20m/min.20m/min.20m/min.10m/min.
X Axis Accuracy (JIS)0.0020mm0.0020mm0.0030mm0.0030mm0.0030mm0.0035mm
Y& Z Axis Accuracy (J IS)0.0020mm0.0020mm0.0025mm0.0025mm0.0025mm0.003 0mm
X Axis Repeatability (JIS)0.0020mm0.0020mm0.0025mm0.0025mm0.0025mm0.0025mm
Y&Z Axis Repeatability (JIS)0.0020mm0.0020mm0.0017mm0.0017mm0.0017mm0.0025mm
ATC Capacity40(60,80,120)40(60,80,120,160)40(60,80,120,160)40(60,80,120,161)40(60,80,120,160)40(60,80,120,160)
ATC TypeRandom AddressRandom AddressRandom AddressRandom AddressRandom AddressRandom Address
Tool Change Time (Tool to Tool)1Sec.2 Sec.2 Sec.2.5 Sec.2.5 Sec.2.5 Sec.
Tool Change Time (Chip to Chip)2.8 Sec.4.2 Sec.4.2 Sec.6 Sec.6 Sec.6.2Sec.
Maximum Tool Diameter82 mm115 mm115 mm115 mm115 mm115 mm
Maximum Tool Length350 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm
Maximum Tool Weight8 kg25 kg25 kg25 kg25 kg25 kg
Net Weight7940 kg13890 kg17820 kg24255 kg24350 kg32243 kg