Multi Stage Air Compressor

Model : BE-30MS, BE-125MS, PE-200MS
ModelPiston DisplacementMax. PressureNo. ofHPAir Reciver
 cfmM!/HKg/CM2PSIGCylinder Ltrs
BE-30 MS7.4012.5435.1650023Base Plate/
BE-125 MS36.061.0035.16500212.5Air Recever
  • Plastic Industries - PET Bottles manufacturing units
  • Power Sector - Circuit breaking / making in electricity board & start up application for D.G. Sets

Bhavya Machine Tools supplies different types of air compressors such as single stage compressor, two-stage compressor, vertical air compressor, multi-stage compressor and dry vacuum pump. We also offer accessories for air compressed system like automatic drain valve, refrigerated air drier, moisture separator, after cooler, activated carbon filter and heatless air drier. This is a machine for pressurizing and compressing air, which is then released rapidly. It is used to supply clean air for various applications that includes filling gas cylinders and powering pneumatic tools.

These high quality equipments can perform massive and trouble-free operations. We offer versatile and sturdy machines. Their user-friendly features and high compression capacity leads to optimum efficiency. They are easy to maintain and have longer working life. These machines are available in a variety of models. Our tools are used in many industries including textile, pharmaceutical, dairy, automobile, engineering, chemical, plastic and ceramic.

In multi stage air compressor there are various compressors of different diameters. In first stage, the air gets compressed gets passed over a cooler in order to achieve the desired temperature. Further, it is again passed to the intermediate stage for getting compressed and is been heated and then again passed over to the cooler. Finally, it moves to the third stage where it is compressed for the required pressure and delivered to the air receiver. There are various advantages of multi stage air compressor like it is power saving, helps to prevent mechanical problems, compression ratio is lower as compared to single stage air compressor and many more benefits.