Pyramid type Bending Roller

Model : BBR-1,..

Technical Features:

  • Bottom roll are fixed and driven by Gears and warm Reduction Gear Box. Top Roll rotates in fixed positions andean be adjusted up & down manually by adjustable screws.
  • Housing are made from M.S. Plate of suitable strength and mounted on heavy base frame. Rolls are made fromforged steel and perfectly machined for accurate result.
  • For longer life and smooth working of machine, Gun Metal Bushes are provide and given sufficient lubrication systemA
  • Boiler Tank, Air Conditioning Channels, Sheet Metal Cover
  • Cone Making & Other Aluminum & Steel Fabrication, Marine & Ship Building, Pressure Vassals, Wind Mills.
  • Place the Plate between bottom and top rolls by adjusting top roll manually.
  • Down the top roll and give pressure on the plate. Then start Main motor in clock wise direction till one end of the plate comes over first bottom roll reverse the motors and get second end on second bottom
  • Continue above process until you et desired as shown in picture.
MODELTable LengthTop RollBottom RollHP
BBR-11250 x 3100902
BBR-31250x 101501255
BBR-41250x 121751407.5
BBR-51250x 161901507.5
BBR-101500x 101601357.5
BBR-111500x 121801507.5
BBR-121500x 1620016010
BBR-162000x 101851507.5
BBR-172000x 1220516010
BBR-182000x 1621517512.5
BBR-202000 x 2527523020
BBR-212500 x 61751507.5
BBR-222500x 1020017010
BBR-232500x 1223018015
BBR-242500x 1624020020
BBR-252500 x 2026021520
BBR-273000x 1024020015
BBR-283000x 1226022020
BBR-293000x 1627522520
BBR-303000 x 2029025025