Spot Welding Machine

Model : SP 6,..


  • Spot Welding.
  • Electro-Brazing.
  • Cross wire welding resistance heating.
  • Soldering.
  • Welding stainless steel, brass, phosphor, bronze, alloy steels, etc.
  • Specific details can be sought on request.
Rating @ 50% Duty Cycle (KVA)681015202530
Throat Depth (mm)350400460460460460460
Nominal Throat Clearance (mm)220220220220220220220
Welding Range       
M. S. Sheet Max. 2 x mm1.
Thickness Min. 2 x mm0.
Brass Sheet Max. 2 x mm0.60.711.
Thickness Min. 2 x mm0.
S. S. Sheet Max. 2 x mm1.61.822.833.54.0
Thickness Min. 2 x mm0.20.180.203030.60.8
Min. available short Circuit5788111112
Currents (K.A)       
Current Control       
Insulation ClassFFFFFFF
Cooling for Arms & ElectrodesWaterWaterWaterWaterWaterWaterWater
Nominal Electrode Force (Approx kgf)75100-75100-75100110110125
Electrode Stroke Max. (mm)40404040404040
Mains Supply Voltage (V)415415415415415415415
Phase (Nos.)2222222
Mains Supply Cable Size (Copper mm2)8101215202025
Mains Disconnection Switch (A)15202530455070
Delayed Action Fuse (A)15202530455070
Water at Max. Temp, of 30°C (litmin)23333.53.53.5