Universal Tool Grinder(MR-600F)

Model : 600/600F, 6025
  • The worktable of 600 uses the dovetail guide rail, good rigidity; And 600F uses two high precision straight line roiling guide rails, steady bed platform, good movement. 6025 can grind in hole and outer annulus.
  • Standard accessories can grind slot miller, face and side cutter, lathe tool, hobbing cutter, reamer bit etc.
  • The motor can be rotated 360 ° on both sides of the grinding wheel, grinding cutters of different materials, as long as the rotation of the grinding wheel, increase security and reduce wheel swap and finishing time, increase tool grinding manipulative.
  • FC30 iron, high tough to maintain a permanent mechanical precision.
  • 2 optional 50E attachments Mohs 4 # taper spiral cutter, spherical cutter, R car knife grinding. The 3 optional 50K attachments grinding Mohs 4 # 3-32 taper or diameter drill, tap. 4. Optional 50D attachments taper spiral cutter grinding Mohs 4 #.
  • Top grinding. Optional accessories 50J tool fixture, 50B chassis.
About worktable diameter300mm350mm
About worktable traveling schedule150mm
Worktable area130x550mm130x675mm
Grinding wheel sizeØ125x50xØ32mmØ150x16xØ32mm
Motor3/4HP 220V/380V

Standard grinding range :

Ø6~Ø25 can grind end mill, ball cutter, R-type lathe tool, graver and other taper milling cutter.

Standard grinding range :

Ø3~Ø32 can grind drill bit, screw tap, side mill, round bar and so on.

Grinding range :

Ø3~Ø25 can grind end mill, side mill and so on.