VDL Series Vertical Machining Centre

Model : VDL-500,...
Table Clamping Area700 x 320mm800 x 420mm1050 x 500mm1120 x 560mm1220 x 620mm1450 x 620mm
Number/Width/CD of T-Slots3/14mm/110mm3/18mm/125mm3/18mm/100mm5/18mm/100mm5/18mm/l00mm5/18mm/l00mm
Max. Table Load150Kg.500Kg.500Kg.750Kg.1500Kg.1500Kg.
Distance from Spindle Center to Column Guideway Surface430mm511mm575mm629mm660mm660mm
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table Surface140-520mm150-670mm120-680mm135-735mm100-775mm100-775mm
Traverse & Guideway
X - Axis Longitudinal Travel450mm600mm820mm1020mm1200mm1400mm
Y- Axis Cross Travel350mm420mm500mm560mm600mn600mn
Z- Axis Vertical Travel380mm520mm560mm600mm675mm675mm
X - Axis GuidewayLinear WayLinear WayLinear WayLinear WayLinear WayLinear Way
Y-Axis GuidewayLinear WayLinear WayLinear WayLinear Way3 Rail - Linear Way3 Rail - Linear Way
Z-Axis GuidewayLinear WayLinear WayBox / Linear WayBox WayBox WayBox Way
Feed & Rapid
Rapid Traverse - X/Y/Z Axis30/30/3Om/min.24/24/20m/min.24/24/20m/min.24/24/18m/min.24/24/18m/min.24/24/18m/min.
Feed rate1-10000mm/min.1-10000mm/min.1-10000mm/min.1-10000mm/min.1-10000mm/min.1-10000mm/min.
Servo Motor Torque - X/Y/Z Axis4/4/8Nm12/12/12Nm12/12/12Nm12/12/12Nm22/22/22Nm22/22/22Nm
Spindle Motor Power3.7/5.5kw7.5/l1kw7.5/11kw7.5/11kw11/15kw11/15kw
Spindle Speed Range60-100OOrpm60-80OOrpm60-8000rpm60-8000rpm45-6000rpm45-6000rpm
Spindle TaperBT-40BT-40BT-40BT-40BT-50BT-50
Automatic Tool Changer
Capacity/Type of Tool Changer12/Drum16/Drum16/Drum20/Drum24/Swing Arm24/Swing Arm
24/Swing Arm24/Swing Arm24/SwingArm
Tool AdaptorBT-40BT-40BT-40BT-40BT-50BT-50
Max. Tool Diamter/ LengthØ80/150mm DrumØ100/280mm DrumØ100/280mm DrumØ100/305mm DrumØ127/305mm Swing ArmØ127/305mm Swing Arm
Ø77/280mm Swing ArmØ77/280mm Swing ArmØ77/305mm Swing Arm
Max. Tool Weight6Kg.7Kg.7Kg.7Kg.15Kg.15Kg.
Time of tool Change (T-T)6-8Sec.6-8Sec/3sec.6-8Sec/3sec.6-8Sec/3sec.3.5Sec.3.5Sec.
CNC System
Power Requirement15kVA25kVA25kVA25kVA35kVA35kVA
Air Pressure Requirement6 bar6 bar6 bar6 bar6 bar6 bar
Power Supply415V/3Phase/50Hz415V/3Phase/50Hz415V/3Phase/50Hz415V/3Phase/50Hz415V/3Phase/50Hz415V/3Phase/50Hz
Dimension (L*W*H)2450x1590x2200mm2310x2040x2337mm2350x2580x2340mm2530x2820x2500mm2880x2405x2901mm3300x2405x2477mm
Machine Weight2000Kg.4800Kg.6000Kg.7000Kg.8000Kg.8500Kg.

Standard Accessories :

  • ATC
  • Cooling system
  • Working lamp
  • Alarming lamp
  • Spindle blowing device
  • Spiral chip removal
  • Foundation bolt and pads
  • Heat exchanger
  • Automatic chip flushing
  • Tool kit
  • Rigid taping

Optional Accessories :

  • Spindle temperature control device
  • Coolant through spindle device
  • CNC rotary table
  • Electrical cabinet temperature control device
  • Coolant gun flushing device
  • Open door protection device

Vertical Machining Center - DMTG VDL Series

The spindle speaks the difference in machining when it comes to vertical machining center. Bhavya Machine Tools presents this equipment that is featured with vertically orienting spindle. This device is also known for providing excellent tolerance at the time of milling and suits best for working with die and mould works. DMTG vertical machining center is also known for its durable quality for repeatable operations and performance accurate finishing on work materials. This imported vertical machining center is also known for speed, flexibility and energy efficient aspects wherein the consumer is sure to obtain excellent return on investment. It can be applied over complex work materials like ceramics apart from metals.

Note : As Improvements are made time to time the specifications are subject to change without notice and are not binding on us. Pictures shown with optional accessories.