Wood Working Machine (Surface Planers J-127L)

Model : J-127L
Model noJ-127J-118J-119
Surfacing capacity330/13"455/18"610/24"
Length of surface table1295/51"1550/61"1550/61"
Rebating capacity12.5/1/2"12.5/1/2"12.5/1/2"
Cutter block diameter95/3.75"105/4.15"95/3.75"
Cutter block speed (rpm)400040004000
Standard cutter block-code no3B-W3B-W3B-W
Circular saw table size610*355/24"*14"610*355/24"*14"610*355/24"*14"
Up/down movement of cir.saw table75/3"75/3"75/3"
Max.circular saw diameter300/12"300/12"300/12"
Power required -hp/rpm2/14403/14403/1440

Standard Accessories :

  • 3 planer blades fitted in cutter block
  • Milter gauge
  • Motor pully
  • Motor fixing rail
  • Toolkit & m/c manual(s=machine with circular saw attachment)