Complex Re-sharpener Of Tap & Drill (MR-A5)

  • Complex re-sharpener of screw tap & drill, one machine with two function, easy to use, economical price, with no skill requrement to grind.
  • With Taiwan diamond grinding wheel, long service life.
  • Tap's part has patent that can grind tap's front cutting lip of 2-flute, 3-flute,4-flute tap. Choosing can grind 5-flute.
  • Drill's part has patent, can grind the drill's front cutting lip, point agnle,lip relief angle,you also can control the centre spot at random instead of centre drill, escape of chips easily, drilling with a light heart.
  • Standard equipment:A5 twelve collets.Standard grinding range TAPS: M5-M20; DRILL * 3- * 14
  • Grinding Wheel: CBN Wheel For HSS Drill Bit / SD Wheel for Carbide Drill Bit
ModelScrew tapDrill
Point Angle5° -30°100° -135°
Power220V 180W
Grinding wheelCBN(HSS)orSD
Dimension36 x 29.5 x 28cm