Extra Heavy Duty Lathe (4310, 5610, 6610)

Model : 4310, 5610, 6610


  • High Tensile Casting
  • Head Stock Latest Design
  • Bed & Spindle are Hardened & Ground
  • One piece lathe bed casting ensures better rigidity
  • Head stock gears are of special alloy steel
  • Head stock spindle is ground and runs in one anti friction taper roller bearings and one ball bearings in front wall of head stock and one taper roller bearing in rear side wall of head stock.
  • Oil pump is provided for lubrication of head stock gear and shafts
  • Spindle nose type Bayonet size 11 in device model 4310 & 5610. Spindle nose type Bayonet size 15 in machine model 6610
  • Universal Norton gear box provides for wide range of British and Metric threads
  • Drop worm type feed engage / disengage lever for easy operation
  • Control panel for on / off the tool , reverse / off / forward start handle is given along with apron gear box for easy control.
  • Tailstock quill movement operated by hand feed with dual feed gear box.
  • Rapid saddle movement ( Optional )
  • Provides most advantageous machining performance even when the productivity remains non-stop and tough
  • Bears high metal cutting capacity
  • All the tool parts are tested for precision, quality and standards
  • Apart from general workshop activities, this tool is applicable in mining, paper, shipping and many more industries
Type of BedGap BedGap BedGap Bed
Width of Bed560mm655mm760mm
Height of Center430mm560mm660mm
Swing Over Bed840mm1100mm1300mm
Swing Over Saddle600mm860mm1060mm
Swing Over Cross Slide510mm770mm980mm
Swing In Gap1250mm1510mm1710mm
Length of Gap in Front of face Plate365mm365mm365mm
No. Of Spindle Speed888
Spindle Speed Range20 to 275 RPM20 to 275 RPM16 to 195 RPM
Taper in Spindle SleeveMT-5MT-5MT-5
Spindle Hollow104 mm104 mm104 mm
Spindle Nose DetailBayonet Size 11Bayonet Size 11Bayonet Size 15
No. Of British Threads2828 
Range Of British Threads1.5 to 22 TPI1.5 to 22 TPI1.5 to 22 TPI
No. Of Metric Threads222222
Range Of Metric Threads0.75 to 16 mm0.75 to 16 mm0.75 to 16 mm
No. Of Feeds282828
Range Of Longitudinal Feeds0.2 to 3.0 mm / rev0.2 to 3.0 mm / rev0.2 to 3.0 mm / rev
Range Of Transverse Feeds0.033 to 0.500.033 to 0.500.033 to 0.50
Lead Screw50.8 mm X 2 TPI50.8 mm X 2 TPI50.8 mm X 2 TPI
Tail Stock Spindle Diameter95 mm105 mm115 mm
Taper In Tail Stock SpindleMT-5MT-6MT-6
Cross Slide Travel430 mm560 mm660 mm
Compound Slide Travel230 mm230 mm300 mm
Tail Stock Sleeve Travel220 mm310 mm410 mm
Tool Shank Size38 x 38 mm38 x 38 mm38 x 38 mm
Tool Post Square200 x 200200 x 200200 x 200

Bedlength / Admit Between Centers (in mm)

Bed length ABCBed length ABCBed length ABC
3750 20003950 20004270 2000
4750 30004950 30005270 3000
5750 40005950 40006270 4000
6750 50006950 50007270 5000
7750 60007950 60008270 6000

Standard Accessories :

  • Electric Motor
  • V Belts
  • 2 MT Centers
  • Center Bush
  • Oil Can
  • Screw Driver
  • Set of Fixed Spanner
  • Set of Allen Keys
  • Tool Post Spanner
  • Carrier Plate
  • Instruction & Spare Parts Manual

Optional Accessories :

  • Face plate
  • Steady rest
  • Follow rest
  • Rapid traverse of main saddle
  • Chuck flange
  • Independent dog chuck
  • Elec. Coolant pump with tank & fittings
  • Taper turning attachment
  • Machine Lamp with control transformer

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe (4310, 5610, 6610)

We present lathe machines for heavy duty operations which are preferably used in heavy duty industrial applications as well as precise machining applications like Automobile, electrical, electronic, etc. This tool is designed with the most qualified features that provide consistency in long term production requirement.

We offer three different models in this category. All these three models are equipped with same gap bed. The length of gap in front of face plate is 365mm which is similar in all these three models and similarly taper in spindle sleeve is MT- 5 which is also similar in all three.

Model No 4310 extra heavy duty lathe is provided with 560mm bed width, 840mm swing over bed, 600mm swing over saddle and 510mm swing over cross slide. The spindle speed range is 20 to 275 rotations per minute.

Model No 5610 is provided with 655mm of bed width, 1100mm of swing over bed, 860mm of swing over saddle and 770mm of swing over cross slide. The spindle speed range is 20 to 275 rotations per minute.

Model No 6610 is equipped with 760mm of bed width, 1300mm of swing over bed and 1060mm of swing over cross slide. The spindle speed range is 16-195 rotations per minute.

We offer different specifications for center height for all the three models. 500mm centre height is an optional feature for Model No 4310 and 600mm of center height for Model No 600. Other optional specifications includes swing over bed, swing over saddle and cross slide for Models 4310 and 5610 whereas Model No 6610 does not have any optional specifications. We also provide optional specifications for bed length over which workpiece will be place for machining. Consumers will have multiple choices of bed length for both the three models and they can choose as per their industrial preference.

We provide certain standard accessories link electric motor, V belts, center bush, oil can, tool post spanner, carrier plate etc, along with instruction and spare parts detail manual.

Optional accessories will add on to the performance level and would offer consistency of machining for longer time period and for safe machining as well. Some of the important optional accessories for All geared heavy duty lathe devices are, face plate, steady rest, follow rest, chuck flange, independent dog chuck, taper turning attachment for safer operation, machine lamp for careful observation, etc.