Mechanical Press Brake

Model : PB-151,..

Frame Construction

Frame Is Made of steel fabricated construction of interlocked robust design, machines are constructed with safeguard against undesired deflections and breakage. The frame distributes the stresses, supporting the bed directly on the frame. The double support shoe of frame gap provides extremely high rigidity, alignment, accuracy and keeps frames structure at right angles to the bed.


Ram and bed are straight and parallel of both the working surface under the rated load. The bed is accurately machined and upper surface is grinded to keep the die in correct alignment. The ram is guided and supported throughout the stroke by accurately machined guide ways.

Standard Accessories

  • Foot Pedal and Die Block Lifting Link
  • Motor Pulley
  • Fly wheel & Gear guard 1 Stroke Counter
  • Standard V Block Punch 1 Motor Mounting Bracket

Optional Accessories

  • Motorized Back Gauge
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Vee-Belts
  • Electric Motor & Starter / Control Panel Board 1 Various Type of Die & Punch
  • Foundation Bolts
ModelTonBending Cap
in Mild steel
Length x
Depth of
(MM) T
PB151201525 x 1.6102530402103
PB 201252030 x 1.6125030402605
PB251302540 x 1.6155030402607.5
PB202402030 x 2125030402607.5
PB252402540 x 2155030402607.5
PB312653150 x 2190030503007.5
PB153401525 x 31025306030010
PB253602540 x 31500307530010
PB313803150 x 31850307530012.5
PB204652030 x 41370257530010
PB254802540 x 41535257530012.5
PB3141003125 x 41900257530015

Mechanical Press Brake Machine

Bhavya Machine Tools provides mechanical press brake. It is mostly used for bending metal sheets and plates. These tools are manufactured using premium quality raw materials. We offer technically advanced and perfectly designed tool. They consume less power and require least maintenance.

These tools include features like higher accuracy, better speed and minimum wear and tear. Our rugged, user friendly and durable instrument for pressing are easy to operate. They are vibration free and noiseless. We provide several models that suit our customer's requirements. These press brakes are commonly used in various industrial segments.

We present Mechanical brake press, one of the versatile workshop components applied in metal industries for bending metal plates and sheets of various thicknesses. Our mechanically operated press brake is equipped with advanced machining functionality and perfectly designed to suit complicated bending requirements. It is precise in bending operation, functions comparatively faster than conventional device and stays effective for long term production requirement. We have designed with flexible operation mode which reduced vibration during machining to a great extent.

We offer almost 10 different models with variation shown in specifications.

PB-1 This is suitable to bend metal plates or sheets of 1120mm thickness and the Ram is 50mm. The blade cross section is 32 inch and size of the bar is 25mm.

PB-2 is configured with 2030x1.6 mm of screw diameter and it can bend material of 1220mm thickness. The cross sectional measurement of blade is similar to that of PB 1.

PB-3 This model is 65 inches in size and it can machine work material that is up to 1220mm. Ram is 76.

PB-4 is 80 inches in size and it can handle metal plate of thickness 1700mm

PB-5 is 100 inches in size and it can machine metal plate of thickness 1700mm

PB-6 is also similar in size like that of PB-5 and it can also handle metal sheet of thickness 1700mm for bending.

PB-7 is 120 inches in size and like PB-4, PB-5 and PB-6 it can also bend metal work piece of 1700mm of thickness

PB-8 is 140 inches in size and up to 140 mm of metal plate thickness can be machined with this model.

PB-9 is 160 inches in size and 1900mm thickness of metal sheets and plates can be bend with this model.

PB-10 is the largest of all press brakes and it is 200 inches in size. As far as machining capacity is concerned, it works similar to that of PB-9. For heavy metal industry PB-9 and PB-10 would stay perfect options.

Our this mechanical equipment is made of steel fabricated construction that gives the tool strength and sturdy look. We have designed with safety features to avoid from deflections and breakage. The overall frame has been designed in such a way that it distributes the stresses and provides support to bed. The shoe of frame gap offers excellent and high strength, precision and perfect alignment to the frame. The Ram and Bed are set at parallel condition to both the working spot. The fixation of working bed is accurately done and the top surface of the bed is set in such a way that it stays compatible with die. The guide ways are perfectly and precisely designed and fixed to produce strokes to further guide the Ram.

We have designed all the above models considering different customer requests and suitable for different industrial production requirements. Pricing stays one of the best reasons that make our tools preferred in multiple industrial sectors.