Nibbling Machine

Model : BMTN 10


Complete electricals, a set of straight cutting tools with the holders, necessary keys, spaners for the operation of machine, feeler gauge and operation manual form the standard accessories supplied with the machine.

Various attachments for straight sheet feeding, circle guiding, louver cutting, rotary nibbling copy and coordinate table with scales and ball tops antivibration pads etc are available at extra cost.

Capacities 45 kg/mm2 (MS)
Straight CuttingFrom the Edge3.2mm
 Inside With Starting Hole3.2mm
 Sheet without starting Hole2.5mm
Figure CuttingSheet Thickness1.5mm
Louver CuttingSheet Thickness2.25mm
NibblingFrom the Edge2.5mm
 Inside With Starting Hole2.5mm
 Sheet without starting Hole2mm
Slot CuttingSheet Thickness2.5mm
 Width of Slot8mm
Red CuttingSheet Thickness2mm
 Width of Notch8mm
FoldingSheet Thickness2mm
 Depth of Fold6mm
BeadingSheet Thickness2mm
 Depth of Bead4mm
FlangingSheet Thickness2mm
 Height of Flange8mm
DishingSheet Thickness2mm
Throat depth 900mm
Minimum Circle Dia cut from Square Blanks 740mm
Net Weight Apprx. 700kgs
Length of Stroke 1 to 8mm
Nos. of Stroke per Minute 1440
Maximum Tool Lift 15mm
Motors Phase 2 HP