VDF Series Vertical Machining Centre

Model : VDF-1000,...
Table Clamping Area1120 x 560mm1220 x620mm1700 x 800mm2000 x 800mm
Number/Width/CD of T-Slots5/18mm/100mm5/18mm/100mm6/18mm/125mm6/18mm/125mm
Max. Table Load750kg.1200kg.2500kg.2500kg.
Distance from Spindle Center to Column Guideway Surface629mm660mm850mm850mm
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table Surface135-735mm90-765mm200-962mm180-942mm
Traverse & Guideway
X - Axis Longitudinal Travel1020mm1200mm1530mm1850mm
Y- Axis Cross Travel560mm600mm800mm800mm
Z- Axis Vertical Travel600mm675mm762mm762mm
X - Axis GuidewayBox WayBox WayBox WayBox Way
Y-Axis GuidewayBox Way4-Rail Linear Way4-Rail Linear Way4-Rail Linear Way
Z-Axis GuidewayBox WayBox WayBox WayBox Way
Feed & Rapid
Rapid Traverse - X/Y/Z Axis24/24/18m/min.20/20/18m/min.15/15/12m/min.15/15/12m/min.
Feed rate1-10000mm/min.1-10000mm/min.1-6000mm/min.l-6000mm/min
Servo Motor Torque - X/Y/Z Axis12/12/2012Nm22/22/22Nm22/22/22Nm22/22/22Nm
Spindle Motor Power7.5/llkW11/15kW11/15 wide range motor11/15 wide range motor
Spindle Speed Range60-8000rpm45-6000rpm45-6000rpm45-6000rpm
Spindle TaperBT-40BT-50BT-50BT-50
Automatic Tool Changer
Capacity/Type of Tool Changer20/ Drum24/Swing Arm24/Swing Arm24/Swing Arm
24/Swing Arm
Tool AdaptorBT40BT50BT50BT50
Max. Tool Diamter/ LengthØ100/305mm DrumØ127/305swing armØ110/350swing arm110/350 swing arm
Ø77/305swing arm
Max. Tool Weight7kg.15kg.15kg.15kg.
Time of tool Change (T-T)6-8Sec/3Sec.3.5Sec.3.5Sec.3.5Sec.
CNC System
Power Requirement35kVA   
Air Pressure Requirement6 bar6 bar6 bar6 bar
Power Supply25kVA35kVA40kVA40kVA
Dimension (L*W*H)2820x2820x2477mm2880x2815x2791mm4300x3480x3120mm5160x3480x3120mm
Machine Weight8000Kg.8500Kg.14000Kg.14500Kg.

Standard Accessories :

  • ATC
  • Cooling system
  • Working lamp
  • Alarming lamp
  • Spindle blowing device
  • Spiral chip removal
  • Foundation bolt and pads
  • Heat exchanger
  • Automatic chip flushing
  • Tool kit
  • Rigid taping

Optional Accessories :

  • Spindle temperature control device
  • Coolant through spindle device
  • CNC rotary table
  • Electrical cabinet temperature control device
  • Coolant gun flushing device
  • Open door protection device