Air Compressor

Air Compressor

Single Stage Air Compressor

Single stage air compressor is used to create low pressure compressed air for various industrial applications like powder coating, Dyes and intermediate, textile, Pharmaceuticals and chemicals etc. This type of air compressor is quite efficient where it needs compressed air pressure up-to 100 PSIG. Bhavya Machine Tools offers various models of single stage compressor.

Two Stage Air Compressor

Two stage compressor is a high end compressor that generates the compressed air pressure from 150 PSIG to 175 PSIG. We offer two stage high pressure air compressor for capacity ranging from 3HP to 20HP. Our two stage air compressors are widely used in pneumatic applications, tablet machine, capsule manufacturing machine, automobile and engineering workshops etc.

Multi Stage Air Compressor

Multi stage air compressor is the equipment used to create high pressure compressed air from 500 to 1000 PSIG that is required in PET industries, air blast industry, circuit breaking, laboratory testing etc., The high performance and long durability of the machine is achieved through increased oil capacity, reservoir of oil lubrication for long lasting execution and centrifugal unloader to prevent under load starting of the machine.

Air Compressor Accessories

Apart from designing and supplying workshop equipments, Bhavya Machine Tools also supplies extensive range of components for applying in air compressors. Find out the range of accessories available with us.


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