Lathe Machines – All Gear Imported Series

Light Duty Lathe Machine

This is a light duty imported device giving efficient high precision work in small scale of time. It is constructed for high tolerance to work in tough environment at consistent preset high speed rate. Smooth machining on solid sheet metal with quite ease is the best feature.

Medium Duty Lathe Machine

Highly durable, accurate measures, high precision quality machining for optimum output are some of the standard features. The electro-mechanical equipment is for high end quality bulk process for solid machining work on sheet metals. This is unique in design to extend the machining work efficiency with fewer resources.

Heavy Duty High Speed Lathe

The Series of Machine is used in Industrial workshops and tool rooms. The high work efficiency and versatile functions, greater speed, high durability and low noise executions are some of the attractive features to work for metal and wood industry. Wood turning, metal spinning, metal working, drilling with precise measures are some of the tasks that performs smartly.

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe – Pedestal

This instrument is available in 3 different models – CW6263E, CW6280E and CW62100E where the swing over bed is varying from 630mm to 1000mm and spindle bore diameter is 105mm/130mm. The machines are fabricated from superior grade corrosive resistant raw material for long durability and performance consistency as per the international standard and requirements at very low cost.