Lathe Machine – All Geared Indian Series

Light Duty Lathe All Geared

The all geared equipment for lathe job is quite sufficient for your light operational needs to your work shop or tool room. This is one of the widely used and demanded instruments for the industrial applications. High versatility and long durability with greater accuracy and precision work have made it popular.

Medium Duty All Geared

This machine with gear box include lead screw & feed shaft is used for premium quality job of cutting, drilling, knurling and sanding on solid metal. This sturdy equipment is used in ship building, textile, metal rolling mills and workshops. We offer 3 Models medium duty all geared equipment PRH 175/200, PRH 215 and ET for standard machining work for medium scale unit.

Heavy Duty All Geared

As the name suggests, the machine is built for high end lathe machining work. It is equipped for multi-tasking and performs highly precision work on tough sheet metals. Hard casting bed, head stock gears and head stock spindle acts on hard material with easy controlling and shaft movement front & back with auto switching control panel gives ease in machining hard metals with industry class auto gear controls.

Extra Heavy Duty All Geared

It is a best combination of powerful machining with execution ease for extra heavy duty work that gives you complete freedom, cutting and drilling with power efficiency. It is applied in heavy industries and high end businesses where quality & quantity, both are main driving businesses like mining, shipping, power plant and paper industries.