Light/Medium Duty Lathe

Light & Medium Duty Lathe Machines

Bhavya Machine Tool provides different types of lathe machines including light & medium duty equipment. These devices are designed to create objects that have symmetry about an axis of rotation. These devices are used for accurately machining comparatively hard materials. Our light duty equipmentincorporate the latest technology to ensure improved performance.

We offer flawlessly designed lathes with tight tolerances. Our instruments are compact and offer better value for money. These multipurpose instruments feature simplicity, robustness and longer working life. We supply standard, super and RXZ models in various technical specifications. They are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. The instruments are used in power plants, steel rolling mills, tool rooms, ship building, repairing shops, paper mills, workshops, textile, oil, mining industries etc.

Light & Medium Duty Lathe Machine Features

  • Our light duty equipmentis designed in standard model and super model.
  • It is easy to accommodate this equipment in moderate workshops and stays a very good investment for small scale metal industries.
  • Suitable for applying in variety of industrial machining processes.
  • Perfect workshop tool for engineering industry.
  • Lots of metal cutting works can be tried out using this equipment.
  • It serves the purpose of transforming metal work materials into different shapes over pre-determined dimensions.
  • It is easy to operate and eradicates many complexities which are present in manual metal shaping.
  • Maintenance is absolutely hassle free as all the machine components are made of corrosion resistant and higher grade metals.

For Versatility- Light Duty Lathe Machine

Since light-duty lathe machines are smaller in size and capacity, they are used for a variety of industry applications. They are readily used in the woodturning and metalwork. Other uses for the machine include slotting, turning, metal spinning, and other simpler and lighter workpieces.

Features & Benefits of Light Duty Lathe Machine:

  • The device can help in handling a variety of lightweight materials and you can customize the machine using various accessories.

  • This machine is efficient in assembling and enabling operations.

  • Instead of manual work, you can use this machine for producing pieces easily and quickly.

  • The set-up cost for light duty lathe machine is comparatively lower than others.

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