Capstan Lathe & Turret Lathe Machine

Capstan Lathe & Turret Lathe Machine

We offer a broad range of SPM and heavy machines including capstan & turret lathe machine. SPM is a special purpose tool which is build for a particular function; they are available in diverse models and used in various industries. Our versatile and durable capstan lathe tools can perform multiple cutting operations using different cutting tools.

Capstan Lathe Machine
Capstan lathe machine is generally preferred for light duty operations. The turret head is located on its ram that makes sliding movement. With the help of capstan lathe machine, a number of operations can be performed like turning, drilling, grooving, threading, boring, etc. thus making it a versatile piece of equipment.

Turret Lathe Machine
Turret lathe machine is capable of handling longer workpieces as it allows for the saddle movement along the bed. It finds application where duplication of parts is required. One special feature of the turret lathe machine is that it holds the capacity of holding multiple tools at a time and thus reduces the work force in order to save time in machine operations.

Benefits of Capstan and Turret in the production line-

The capstan and turret lathe is a production lathe and used to manufacture any number of identical pieces in a short period. While a capstan lathe is used for a shorter work piece because of limited ram movement, the turret lathe is much viable for a longer work piece because of saddle movement along the bed. They appear similar but differ in many aspects such as size, operations, and constructions. Capstan and turret manufacturers design them with accuracy and precision as they are important tools for complex construction purposes. The advantages of the capstan and turret lathe are-

  • Helps in mass production or where the rate of production is higher
  • Several tools can be accommodated which makes it a very flexible and versatile equipment
  • Larger work pieces can be eliminated which makes it simpler to handle
  • Operation at different speeds can be applied resulting in the required efficiency
  • Since the capstan and turret lathe is easy to use machines, less skilled labour can be utilized which can effectively reduce costs
  • These tools are highly rigid which helps them in withstanding heavy loads

Capstan and turret lathes are widely used manufacturing lightweight tools which have become inevitable increasing popular to produce a mass of products.

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