Double Column Semi-Automatic Saws

All about the Double Column Semi-Automatic Saws

A band saw machine is a power saw with a long sharp blade consisting of a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two materials to cut material. The Heavy-duty bandsaw machines are used primarily in woodworking, lumbering, or metalworking and can help cut a variety of materials. The advantages of this automatic band saw machine include a uniform cutting action because of an evenly distributed tooth load. The horizontal band saw is industrial equipment that holds the work piece stationary while the blade goes down to cut. These 200 mm, 280mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm capacity bandsaw machine, and other higher capacity extra heavy duty machines are mostly used in machine shops as it can cut long pipes or bar stock to length. It is a precision cutting tool with accuracy and can eliminate any tolerance and minimize secondary machinery operations. High rigidity and bigger production lines with larger materials use the double-column semi-automatic band saw. This rigidity helps in reducing vibration which contributes towards better cut quality. Besides, the double-column saw blades decrease the time required per cut which can increase production numbers and reduce cost in a major way. Reputed manufacturers promote the horsepower and also how much torque is delivered to the band wheels. These high technology saws can run more efficiently and contribute majorly to productivity and smoother efficiencies in large volumes of production.

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