Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

A fiber laser cutting machine fires up a laser beam of high power density to cut material with precision. The laser generator releases the laser beam from the optical path structure. This laser beam strikes the material piece to melt or boil it down. It produces a high-pressure gas that gets aligned with the beam to melt out the metal structure. This is how any material gets cut.

Fiber Laser cutting is used to displace the conventional cutting method with a mechanical knife. The invisible beams offer automatic cutting applications with high precision and fast cutting service at a low cost.
Casting Body With Pallet Changer

The casting body with pallet changer in an E-series has three rail components- X, Y, and Z, all of them from Taiwan brand. It offers a cast iron machine bed with an aviation aluminium beam and a French Moto Reducer.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine comes in three models:





Functional Size

4080 / 2030 mm

3080 / 1530 mm

6080 / 2030 mm


2000 mm

1500 mm

2000 mm


4000 mm

3000 mm

6000 mm

It has a Z-axis stroke of 120 mm and an X/Y axis moving speed of 140m/min with an acceleration of 1.5G. The input voltage is 380V/50-60Hz.

Fabricated Body With Tube Cutting Attachment
The maximum working range of model OR-FM3015T is 1500?3000 mm. It can travel 1500 mm for X-axis and 3000 mm for Y-axis. While its W axis rotation angle is unlimited, n*360 with a revolving speed of 80 RPM. It offers a 0.02 mm of positional accuracy for the X/Y/U axis. The fabricated body with tube cutting attachment model can attain a maximum moving speed of 60m/ minute for the X/Y axis with an acceleration of 0.8G.

It works on a chuck power mode with a max. electric chunk load of 3/6 m. While the platform can survive a load capacity up to 500kg. The model can generate a total power of 11-17.2 kW. 

Casting Body With Enclosure
The P-series model offers a casting body with enclosure specs for a workable laser marking machine. It offers three workable sizes with different X-axis and Y-axis stroke with a common Z-axis stroke of 120 mm. It demands an input of 380V/50-60Hz and functions on an aviation aluminium and cast aluminium. Plus, it provides a maximum load capacity between 800 kg-2400 kg. The model powers on automatic lubrication and a Japanese servo motor.
Pallet Changer & tube Cutting Attachment

The pallet changer and tube cutting attachment in an ET series has three working sizes. It provides a Taiwan APEX/YYC rack with a French Moto Reducer. It has a machine bed made up of cast iron with dual beams, aviation aluminium, and cast aluminium. The ET series models work on an input of 380V/50-60Hz. It offers an exhaust fan of 3kW and Tongfei water chiller that has a French Schneider electric part. It can generate a total power of 22kW to 27.1kW.

The fiber laser cutting machine provides a smart control exhaust structure that produces a clean job shop. It has distinct climbing pallets type for table changer applications and correlated table exchanging uses which provides efficient uses at the same height with better precision and faster workout. The fiber laser machine comes with an aviation-grade aluminium beam that is light-weight but super tough. Plus, its leading thick sheet metal gives optimum heat treatment and unique "W" beams to strengthen the process multifold.

How the Superlative Efficiency of Fiber Laser Cutting Machinery Hold Its Advantages Over the Conventional Methods

Fibre laser cutting machines help in many types of cutting procedures and operate at high power and great efficiency. The light that propagates in fibres is well shielded from the environment and they are designed compactly along with large bandwidth and the capacity to generate ultra-short pulses. Fiber laser cutting can cut through very thin materials at very high speeds. Any reflective material is cut without any damage to the machine. Fiber lasers provide superlative performance by focusing on achieving extreme levels of accuracy and increased power density. With these advanced fiber cutting machines, the task can be completed at a quicker rate and with lower power consumption.

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