Iron Worker Machine

Iron worker machine is a combination of productivity and effectiveness in metal working. The iron worker machine is very user friendly designed for durability and low maintenance costs. It has been developed by very competent engineers with vast experience on the metalworking processes and the needs of the industry. Has a strong and rigid structure for noise less operation and reduced vibration. Some application include cutting and shearing operations on angle lines, I section cutting,punching, notching and other customized operations. This is equipment that has a guaranteed return on investment. The control system is advanced with easier tool handling as well as completely safe operation.

Hydraulic Iron worker provides an effective solution to all cutting & punching problems that in turn improves the work quality. The iron worker machine is been uniquely designed with high quality electrical components that provides trouble free operation. It has direct shearing that helps in avoiding of waste materials. The hydraulic iron worker is widely been used in fabrication, manufacturing, and maintenance shops. Additionally, it can also perform with several different operations due to its efficiency and also saves time & money.