All Geared Heavy Duty Radial Drilling Machine (50 X 16 / 1300, 75 X 16 / 1600)

Model : 50 X 16 / 1300, 75 X 16 / 1600
  • Column, Arm, Work Head & Gears are made out of Closed Grain.
  • Parts Properly Balanced
  • Prior Assembling of Main Gear & Pully
  • Parts Finished on imported Grinding Machine
  • All moving parts Finished to close Tolerance
  • Spindle Ram is made out of Alloy Steel.
  • Main Spindle & Pinon are Made out of EN Forged Steel.
Model No.50x 16/130075x16/1600
Drilling Cap (Steel Having 600Mpa Tensile Strength)50mm75mm
In Cast Iron Having 180 BHN60mm90mm
Taper in spindle ( Nose)MT-5MT-6
Spindle Travels - Auto / Manual325mm325mm
Spindle Diameter at Front Bearing78mm78mm
RAM Diameter110mm110mm
No. of Spindle Speeds / Range16/40-1700 RPM16/35-2300 RPM
Travel of Rail (Vertical)725mm725mm
Travel of Drilling Head ( Horizontal)695 Manual1100 Manual
Drilling Head Two Speed Motor5Hp,415V,3PH,50Hz7.5Hp,415V,3PH,50Hz
Arm Elevating Motor2Hp,415V,3PH,50Hz3Hp,415V,3PH,50Hz
Drilling Radius Min. / Max.505/1300550/1600
Dist. between base plate to spindle700/1420395/1400
Drilling Head Traverse Max ( Manual)700mm1100mm
Column Sleeve Diameter300mm370mm
Vertical Traverse of Arm ( Both Side)725mm725mm
Rotation of Arm (Both Side)0-180DEG.0-180DEG.
Working Surface (L x W)1300x8001450x900
Weight (Approx)2900 Kg.4000 Kg.
Machine Dime ( L x W x H ) mm2600 x 2200 x 27502600 x 2200 x 2750

Standard Accessories :

  • Box Table
  • Coolant Pump with fittings
  • Drill Chuck Arbour
  • Sleeve
  • Machine Lamp
  • Foundation Bolt

Optional Accessories :

  • Box Table
  • Coolant Pump with fittings
  • Drill Chuck Arbour
  • Sleeve
  • Machine Lamp
  • Foundation Bolt

All Geared Heavy Duty Radial Drilling Machine Manufacturer & Exporter

All geared radial drill machine with 50mm drilling capacity is known for its rigid structure and boring heavy metals in a convenient way. Bhavya Machine Tools is an excellent place where industries can find highly reliable and durable equipment. We are one of the popular manufacturers and suppliers of machining tools and consumers can find extensive range of models suitable for specific metal work and wood work purposes. We design instruments which are applicable in metal industries including mechanical, components, automobiles, air craft, wood work, etc.

Apart from quality, long lasting performance, cost effective pricing and machining capacities there are several other features and characteristics which make our equipments special in this competitive trend, please find below some of the significant and exceptional aspects which our tool designers have added while creating the tool. The boring capacity is 50mm and the instrument is made up of steel having 600Mpa tensile strength.

  • Suitable for boring variety of materials.
  • Efficient instrument choice for heavy metal shaping.
  • Featured with excellent choice of tools to carry out multiple aspects in machining.
  • Compatible with different kinds of metals.
  • Positioning the geared radial arm matching the work piece position is much easier than those of other traditional making hole devices.
  • Suitable for working over wood work piece also.
  • Featured with robust instrument design in view to support metal industries for long term production requirement.
  • Designed with suitable drilling head that supports for multiple machining applications.

One of the most striking features of our radial arm drill with gear is that the whole structure is made from fine cast iron. The cast iron aspect allows for reducing vibration. The gear is profile made to stay compatible for shaping different types of metals. The drill arm allows for circular motion and moves the work material in different positions. The drilling head is provided with two speed motor and the arm is featured with elevating motor. We provide model number 50X 16 /1300 with 50mm boring capacity. The overall design is set to obtain convenient boring operation.

We have 3 showrooms in the Industrial area of Ahmedabad and with more than 3 decades of experience we have come up as one of the leading instrument suppliers in India serving private and Government industries. Our machineries are known for their superior performance it is for the same reason our company has been considered as trusted one in foreign nations including North America, Africa and Gulf countries. Buying machining tool from us will take you to a safe, fast, and powerful and reliable production activity. Our instrument will also serve the consumers with flawless performance and lesser maintenance requirements. Our device is also energy efficient and stays unique in performance than competitive models.