Bench Type Riveting Machine (G-Series)

Model : G-4,..


  • Strong orbital / gyro Rivet Head Formation.
  • Superior Quality Riveting.
  • High Productivity.
  • Easy to Setup and Operate.
  • Dove Tail Column Slide for Precise Daylight Adjustment.
  • Micromatic Stroke Adjustment for Precision Riveting.
  • Set/Operate(Jog)Selector Switch.
  • T-Slot on Base Plate.
  • Digital Stroke Counter.
  • G-12 with Square Slide and wedge.
Solid rivet size in M.S.1 to 4mm2 to 6mm3 to 8mm3 to 10mm6 to 12mm
Hollow rivet size in M.S. & Non-ferrous solid rivets1 to 5mm2 to 8mm3 to 10mm3 to 15mm6 to 18mm
Stroke0 to 40mm0 to 40mm0 to 50mm0 to 50mm0 to 50mm
Working pressure2 to 5kg/cm22 to 5 kg/cm22 to 7 kg/cm22 to 7kg/cm22 to 5 kg./cm2
Throth dept150mm150mm160mm160mm200mm