Blade & Lathe Tool Grinder (MR-M3)

  • MR-M3 is suitable to grind many kinds of cutters, such as tipped tool, boring cutter, plough cutter, and so on. It is a perfect grinding tool instead of hand grinding.
  • Worktable uses high precision straight line roiling guide rails,good movement, high stability, steady bed platform, dexterous operation.
  • M3 Model - Grinding various welding blades, boring tool, planer; grinding a variety of turning, boring, milling inserts, cutter and slotting.
  • High precision, easy to operate. Is ideal for an alternative to the traditional hand-grinding sharpening tool.
  • The high-strength edge FC30 cast iron, to maintain a permanent mechanical precision.
  • M2 Model - Grinding grinding a variety of CNC blade, clip blade machine, welding turning tools, boring tool and other tools.
Arc angleR0.2-R10
About worktable diameter140mm 75mm
Grinding wheel125x50x $32