Busbar Bending-Cutting-Punching Machine

Model : BB30
Aluminium and Copper Busbar Bending-Cutting-Punching Machine

Busbar Bending, Cutting & Punching Machine.


The Busbar Bending-Cutting-Punching Machine comprises of 3 stations, namely- Bending, Cutting, and punching station. These stations carry out the operations required to produce the busbar.

Working Principle of Bus Bar Bending Machine

At the bending station of Aluminium busbar bending machine, and other busbar bending machines the bend is formed on the raw material as per the required dimension. The tool used for bending is unhardened & ungrounded. The operation of cutting is performed at the cutting station in Copper busbar cutting machine and Aluminium busbar cutting machine. The workpiece is being cut into the desired length with the help of a hardened & grounded HCHCr Blade. The punching station in Copper busbar punching machine or any other busbar punching machine forces the tool to create a hole by shearing.  It consists of one suitable die & punch.

Features of Busbar Bending, Cutting & Punching Machine

The busbar bending cutting punching machine is a highly versatile and a compact machine. Main drive motor powers the entire machine. The busbar bending machine is equipped with special tools at its bending station. This bending tool in Copper Busbar bending machine is hardened and carries the operations at a speed of 5mm/sec. On the other hand, busbar cutting machine boasts of having the oil capacity of about 75 liters that also contain a gauge stopper. Punching operation is performed by the busbar punching machine at a speed of 13 strokes per minute. A separate foot switch for every station in Aluminium busbar punching machine and other Busbar Bending, Cutting & Punching machines allows user to individually control the operation of the respective stations.

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