DMTG CKE Series Flat Bed CNC Lathe (CKE6126L – CKE6140)

Model : CKE6126L,CKE6140
  • All main components, bed, headstock, saddle, plinth, etc., are high quality solid castings.
  • Precision ballscrews and highly rigid precision bearing ensure accurate positioning and heavy cutting capability.
  • Centralized oil system provides forced automatic lubrication onto ball screws and all mating surface.
  • Choice of two model ranges. The CKE-Z series has automatic headstock gear changing, high spindle speed with wide range, and low noise levels of under 80db. The CKE-I series, with independent spindle structure, utilize a frequency converted spindle motor or servomotor to offer stepless high spindle speeds.
  • Horizontal 4-P automatic indexing toopost is provided as standard, while vertical 4-P toolpost, horizontal 8-P toolpost, quick- change toolpost, etc can also be supplied to suit customer's specific requirements.
  • Optional pneumatic or hydraulic chuck and tailstock are available.
  • FANUC, SEMENS, GSK, etc control systems can be supplied. E-hand wheel function is also available. Operator adjustable control panel enables convenient tool settings.
  • Fully enclosed guards with interlock offer a waterproof and chip-free environment.
  • Automatic Forced Lubrication
  • Brand New Design Exterior
ModelsCKE6126L/300mmCKE6136 / CKE6136ZCKE6140/CKE6140Z
Max. Swing Over Bed260mm360mm400mm
Max. Swing over Slide140mm180mm200mm
Max. Length of Work300mm750mm/1000mm750mm/1000mm
Width of Bed220mm300mm300mm
Travel /Rapid
X Travel165mm205mm225 mm
Z Travel260mm620/870mm620/870mm
Rapid traverse (X-Axis)20m/min4m/min4m/min
Rapid traverse (Z-Axis)20m/min5m/min5m/min
Spindle NoseA2-5D6D6
Chuck size165mm (Solid)200mm200
Taper of Spindle boreM5M6M6
Spindle Bore40mm52mm52mm
Spindle Speed - Frequency Motor (Servo Motor in 1-Series)40-4000rpm20-650rpm
Steps of spindle speedSteepless2 - Step Actuator2 - Step Actuator
Motor Power5.5kW5.5kW5.5kW
Tool Post
Repeatability of tool post0.008mm0.008mm0.008mm
Vertical 4-position Toolpost changing time2.1 Sec.2.4 Sec.2.4 Sec.
Horizontal 6-position Toolpost changing time3.0 Sec.3.0 Sec
Tail Stock
Diameter of tailstock quillN/A63mm63mm
Travel of tailstock quillN/A130mm130mm
Taper of tailstock quillN/AM4M4
Weight & Dimensions
Net weight900Kg1850Kg./1950Kg.1850Kg./1950Kg.
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 600mm1800x1500x1750mm  
750mm 2300x1480x1520mm2300x1480x1520mm
1000mm 2550x1480x1520mm2550x1480x1520mm