CKE Series Flat Bed CNC Lathe (CKE6163-CKE6180)

Model : CKE6163, CKE6180
DMTG CKE Series Flat Bed CNC Lathe (CKE6163-CKE6180)
Models CKE6163/CKE6163Z CKE6180/CKE6180Z
Max. Swing Over Bed 630mm 800mm
Max. Swing over Slide 320mm 490mm
Max. Length of Work 1000/1500/2000/3000 mm 1000/1500/2000/3000 mm
Width of Bed 550mm 550mm
Travel /Rapid
X Travel 320mm 420mm
Z Travel 785/1235/1835/2735mm 785/1235/1835/2735mm
Rapid traverse (X-Axis) 4m/min 4m/min
Rapid traverse (Z-Axis) 8m/min 8m/min
Spindle Nose C11 C11
Chuck size 320mm 400mm
Taper of Spindle bore 1:20 1:20
Spindle Bore 100mm 100
Spindle Speed - Frequency Motor (Servo Motor in 1-Series) 40-178rpm 71-310rpm 124-556rpm 222-1000rpm 40-178rpm 71-310rpm 124-556rpm 222-1000rpm
Steps of spindle speed 4 - Step Actuator 4 - Step Actuator
Motor Power 11kw 11kw
Tool Post
Repeatability of tool post 0.008mm 0.008mm
Vertical 4-position Toolpost changing time 2.9 Sec. 2.9 Sec.
Horizontal 6-position Toolpost changing time 1.1 Sec. 1.1 Sec.
Tail Stock
Diameter of tailstock quill 100mm 100mm
Travel of tailstock quill  240mm 240mm
Taper of tailstock quill M6 M6
Weight & Dimensions
Net weight 4700/4800/5300/5600Kg. 5200/5300/5800/6100Kg.
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 600mm    
1000mm 3455x2000x1800mm 3455x2000x1800mm
1500mm 4010x2000x1800mm 4010x2000x1800mm
2000mm 4510x2000x1800mm 4510x2000x1800mm
3000mm 5410x2000x1800m 5410x2000x1800m

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