Drilling and Milling Machine Fine Feed

Model : Z5032C...
    Milling and Drilling Both Machine in Combine by Bhavya Machine Tools in India
  • Milling, drilling, tapping
  • Head swivels ± 360° Horizontally
  • Headstock and worktable up & down perpendicularly
  • Super high column
  • Precision micro feed
  • Positive spindle lock
  • Distinct auto device for releasing tools, operate very easily
  • Gear driven, lower noise
Max.drilling capacityø32mmø40mmø45mm
Spindle taperM.T.4M.T.4M.T.4
Spindle travel130mm130mm130mm
Step of spindle speed666
Range of spindle speed 50Hz80-1250 r.p.m80-1250 r.p.m80-1250 r.p.m
Min.distance from spindle axis to column283mm283mm283mm
Max.distance from spindle nose to worktable700mm700mm700mm
Max.distance from spindle nose to stand table1125mm1125mm1125mm
Max.travel of headstock250mm250mm250mm
Swivel angle of headstock (Horizontal / Perpendicular)360"/ + 90°360"/ + 90°360"/ + 90°
Max.travel of worktable bracket600mm600mm600mm
Worktable size of availability730 x210mm730 x210mm730 x210mm
Swivel angle of table horizontally360°360°360°
Size of stand worktable of availability417x416417x416417x416
Worktable travel (X/Y)500 / 205mm500 / 205mm500 / 205mm
Vertical travel of worktable570mm570mm570mm
Motor power0.75KW1.1KW1.5KW
Speed of motor1400 r.p.m.1400 r.p.m.1400 r.p.m.
Net weight460kgs/520kgs460kgs/520kgs460kgs/520kgs

Standard Accessories :

  • Wedge
  • Tie Rod
  • Drill Chuck
  • Milling cutter holder
  • Mill Chuck
  • Working Lamp
  • Coolant System
  • Changing Sleeve
  • Parallel Vise
  • Boring Bar
  • Auto Tapping Arrangement