Extra Heavy Duty Lathe (4310, 5610, 6610)

Model : 4310, 5610, 6610
Extra Heavy Duty Lathe (4310, 5610, 6610)

Extra Heavy Duty Lathe (4310, 5610, 6610)

We present lathe machines for heavy duty operations which are preferably used in heavy duty industrial applications as well as precise machining applications like Automobile, electrical, electronic, etc. This tool is designed with the most qualified features that provide consistency in long term production requirement.

We offer three different models in this category. All these three models are equipped with same gap bed. The length of gap in front of face plate is 365mm which is similar in all these three models and similarly taper in spindle sleeve is MT- 5 which is also similar in all three.

Model No 4310 extra heavy duty lathe is provided with 560mm bed width, 840mm swing over bed, 600mm swing over saddle and 510mm swing over cross slide. The spindle speed range is 20 to 275 rotations per minute.

Model No 5610 is provided with 655mm of bed width, 1100mm of swing over bed, 860mm of swing over saddle and 770mm of swing over cross slide. The spindle speed range is 20 to 275 rotations per minute.

Model No 6610 is equipped with 760mm of bed width, 1300mm of swing over bed and 1060mm of swing over cross slide. The spindle speed range is 16-195 rotations per minute.

We offer different specifications for center height for all the three models. 500mm centre height is an optional feature for Model No 4310 and 600mm of center height for Model No 600. Other optional specifications includes swing over bed, swing over saddle and cross slide for Models 4310 and 5610 whereas Model No 6610 does not have any optional specifications. We also provide optional specifications for bed length over which workpiece will be place for machining. Consumers will have multiple choices of bed length for both the three models and they can choose as per their industrial preference.

We provide certain standard accessories link electric motor, V belts, center bush, oil can, tool post spanner, carrier plate etc, along with instruction and spare parts detail manual.

Optional accessories will add on to the performance level and would offer consistency of machining for longer time period and for safe machining as well. Some of the important optional accessories for All geared heavy duty lathe devices are, face plate, steady rest, follow rest, chuck flange, independent dog chuck, taper turning attachment for safer operation, machine lamp for careful observation, etc.

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