Gear Hobbing Machine (Metric)

Model : Metric
Gear Hobbing Machine (Metric)
Maximum Module / D P Cut 4 MODUL 6 DP
Maximum Diameter of Gear 350mm 14 Inch
Maximum width cut of Spur Gear 225mm 9 Inch
Maximum With cut of Helical Gears    
Helix Angle 15' 175mm 7 Inch
Helix Angle 30' 150mm 6 Inch
Helix Angle 45' 125mm 5 Inch
Distance between hob spindle and surface of the table    
Min with Bellows 127mm 5 Inch
Max without Bellows 350mm 14 Inch
Axial distance between Table & Hob Spindle Oto 175mm 0 to 7 Inch
Diameter of work Table 340mm 13.5 Inch
Max Length of Hob 90mm 3.5 Inch
Diameter of work Arbour 127mm 5 Inch
Diameter of Hob Arbour 25mm 1 Inch
Hob Speed Range (RPM) 32mm 1.25 Inch
Range of axial feed of hob slide. Min to Max 35/50/60/90/115/140
Machine Dimensions  Length-Width-Height 0.2mm to 4mm 0.007 to 0.15lnch
Main Drive Motor 1750mm, 1000mm, 1800mm
Rapid Motor 1.5 KW 2.0 HP
Coolant Pump 0.36KW 0.5 HP
  0.11 KW 0.15 HP

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